Have a cool flash drive you do?

Yoda flash driveI admit that I’m not a hard core fan of much by way of pop culture–except Ryan Reynolds that is–but I have heard that there are miiiight be a few major Star Wars fans out there. Some of them are moms. Some of them are kids. Some of them right here on our very staff.

So how can I not point them towards this awesome ode to Grandmaster Jedi, Yoda, in the form of a handmade felted flash drive.

yoda flash drive caseWhether you happen to be the Leia to someone’s Han Solo, or you just dig a little Jedi goodness yourself, this 2G Yoda flash drive is a must have. Crafted by hand in felt by a Singapore Etsian around a brand new jump drive, it’s packaged in an adorable box along with a lanyard and ownership card–you know, just in case someone else decides to lay claim to your precious Yoda.

Trekkies, fear not–her handmade Spock flash drive is awesome too. -Kristen

Check out all the awesome character flash drives at Alas! My Dear on Etsy. And if you don’t see one you like, request a custom drive from the sold items tab.

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We spend our time looking for cool stuff so you don't have to. Hope this one fits the bill.

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