The Toshiba Kids PC means you can have your own computer back. Finally.

Toshiba Satellite L365 Kids PC - kids' laptopAre you sick of fighting with your kids over your computer? Because something tells me that more than a couple of you have that issue once your kids are old enough to do more than just stare mindlessly at pre-approved YouTube videos.

Well, thanks to Toshiba, you won’t have to any more.

I just got a look at the newly released Satellite L635 Kids’ PC and take it from a mom: Wow.

This is the first ever full-sized, 13.3″ screen laptop made just for children (I’d say early grades) and Toshiba has loaded it up with a ton of kid entertainment and
educational software already built in, along with a DVD drive, a webcam, and a very (very ) smart wipeable keyboard. 

Toshiba Satellite L635 Kids PCOne of the things that I really like
about this laptop is its weight–light enough for kids to lift, but not
too light, so they won’t confuse it with a toy and throw it
across the room. But perhaps my favorite aspect are the security features: The laptop comes pre-loaded with KidZui, a very good Internet browser made for children, as well as NetNanny, the top-rated parental control software, which allows you to set boundaries on how the laptop is used. So you can keep your kids as safe as that wipeable keyboard keeps the computer.

Cool Mom Picks Pick of the Year 2010With
all the pre-loaded entertainment, games, and security features, your
kids can take the Satellite L635 Kids’ PC right out of the box and start using it . Which means maybe you can actually use your own computer
again sooner than you think. -Torrie

The Satellite L635 Kids’ PC by Toshiba is available exclusively at Best Buy beginning this Saturday for $499.

Torie LM is a blogger, professional photographer, and former contributor to Cool Mom Picks and Cool Mom Tech

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