Is it weird that I want to wear these laptop bags like purses?

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I don’t know about where you are, but up here in Canada we get a lot of snow in the winter. And cold. A lot of cold. So the first thing I thought when I saw these new Summit 13 Macbook sleeves from iSkin was that they remind me of a ski jacket. In a good way.

Look at them all puffy and cool. I want one. And a matching winter coat, too.

These great-looking bags seem like the perfect way to tote around a laptop. Though they claim to be for Macbooks, any 13″ laptop should fit in just as easily.

If you’re traveling with more than a laptop, the Taylor Tote travel bags are equipped to handle whatever bits of tech you want to pack into them. Laptop, camera, iPad. Though you could always get a separate¬†lovely for your iPad if you’re in a matchy kind of mood.

All I know is this: there may very well be a time this winter that I have to sneak out to my freezing cold porch with my laptop just to get away for a moment. And won’t it appreciate having its own puffy ski jacket when that time comes. -Stephanie

Find the new Summit 13 Macbook sleeves and other gorgeous laptop cases online from iSkin.

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