Hold the phone. The gihugic rotary phone, that is.

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Every day brings with it amazing new developments in the world of technology. And, of course, I love that. But there are moments when I have fleeting issues with anxiety over just how fast everything is moving.

I think those little panic attacks would be the perfect time to bring out this hilarious relic from the past.

The Port-O-Rotary phone is a real rotary phone that’s been modified to be a cellular phone. I’m totally serious. You just pop in your SIM card and you’re ready to go.

Use it just as you would an old rotary, but without plugging it in. There’s a dial tone, the original bells for the ringer, and you really do spin the dial to make calls. I think I need one.

One thing’s for certain if I get this phone: I am so going to have to bring it to my grandma’s house. You know, just so I’m not the only one freaking out about technological advancements. -Stephanie P.

Find the the Port-O-Rotary phone online from SparkFun

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