Netflix just made choosing kids movies a little easier

My kids are getting old enough now where they have the ability to sit through full-length movies. We’ve gone through the phase of those pleasant 60-minute “movies” on On Demand, but I think we’re ready to step it up.

Since I’m on a kids’ movie kick, I was excited to learn about a new feature Netflix just unveiled to members called “Just for Kids.”

There is a new tab on the top of the Netflix home page that lets you search by kids’ movies, descriptions and ratings from Common Sense Media, so you know they’re legit. You can also search by different genres too, like superheroes, princesses, dinosaurs, or characters like SpongeBob (who, mercifully, doesn’t have many movies to his credit).

Having this new tab makes it so much easier to search for films I think my kids will like than just doing a general “kids movies” search and coming up with any title with the word “kid” in it. Pass the popcorn. -Jeana

The ‘Just for Kids’ feature is free for all Netflix members.

Jeana Lee Tahnk is a prolific tech writer, crafty mom, and passionate fan of any products that make it easier to raise three children. She's been immersed in the high-tech world for about 15 years, or since Mark Zuckerberg was in the 7th grade.

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  • Reply August 24, 2011


    I also just saw this feature, and I love it. Since I only have one Netflix account, this keeps my kid from just clicking random movies on the streaming page. She really doesn’t need to be seeing A&E’s Intervention, like I was watching the night before.

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