Last minute holiday tech steals at Target

kinect holiday bundleStarting tomorrow, December 11, Target is trying to make it pretty hard for you to buy your gaming and tech gifts anywhere else.

So we went through the press release and the circular pretty thoroughly and while some of the “low prices,” especially on games, are comparable to what you’ll find online elsewhere, there are some decent deals and extra pot sweeteners to make a trip to Tarzhay worth your while this week.

Here are our picks for the best in-store tech deals at Target.

-Buy a 320GB PS3 system for $299.99 which is a comparable price to the 320GB
PS3 system on Amazon
, but you get a free $20 gift card

-Buy a 4GB Xbox 360 complete Kinect bundle for $299.99 and get a free
$80 target
gift card.

-Buy a Sonos Play:3 or Play:5 Music system (one of our -Get a PS Move starter kit for $69.99 –normally around

-Buy an iPad2 with Wifi and get a free $40 gift card; with an iPad2 with
3G you get a $75 gift card.

-A Kindle gets you a $10 gift card; a iPod Nano gets you a $15 gift

-Save $25 when you buy an iPhone 4S already on sale for $174.99 with ATT
contract (read the fine print!)

-A lot of game prices seem comparable to other retailers, but games like Skyrim
and Kinect Sports Season 2 are about $10 less, and Cars 2 for Nintendo
3DS is just $19.99.

keep in mind you can save an extra 5% if you have a Target Debit or Red
Card, and take advantage of their
on used cell phones, iPads, DS units, video games, DVDs and
more for some added gift card bonuses.

But before you buy, definitely check online and make sure you’re getting
the best price you can. Happy shopping! -Liz

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We spend our time looking for cool stuff so you don't have to. Hope this one fits the bill.

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  • Reply December 11, 2011


    Yay! Thanks to this we just picked up two iphones for under $200 (with trade ins). THANK YOU!

    Now trolling the site for those preppy cases…

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