Now add waterproof to that list of iPhone features

lifeshock waterproof iphone caseWhen my kids kept going on and on about “Daddy’s new waterproof phone,” I had no idea what they meant. Didn’t he just get a brand new iPhone 4S? Then he showed it to me–and indeed, it’s a new waterproof phone. Thanks to the case.

The Lifeproof iPhone case seals your phone against shock, impact, and the elements, like Ed Harris suiting up in The Right Stuff. It’s a great gift for a cook who’s always got his phone in the kitchen, a beach bum, an avid skier, or just a parent of toddlers who is inclined to get a little too close to the bathroom with your phone in hand when you’re not looking.  You can even take it up to 2 meters underwater, should you want to play around with photos when you’re snorkeling. 

On the down side it’s $79.99. But if you’re a beach bum, a ski bum, or a really sweaty tango dancer, it’s probably worth every penny. -Liz

Find the Lifeproof waterproof iPhone case for iPhone 4 or 4s in black, white, purple or pink, online at Lifeproof

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  • Reply December 15, 2011


    Have they told you that in order to get it to charge, you have to buy a separate $20 adapter….then either keep that with you, or buy another for every charger you have (car, wall, computer). Was just about to buy this rather expensive item before I realized it had a rather high up front cost…there are other waterproof cases, I’ll look elsewhere.

  • Reply December 15, 2011


    Another downside is their lack of service. Too many of the cases have sound problems where you everyone hears you like you’re echoing. Calls and emails can go weeks without being answered. Not what you want with an $80 case.

  • Reply December 15, 2011


    Hi Megan, you can always charge with the Apple USB cable that came with your phone. The dock extender is only needed if you want to put your LifeProof’d iPhone into a dock or use a non-standard USB cable with a thicker plug.

    The real beauty of the LifeProof case is that it is an “all the time” case — every button, control and feature works with the case on so you don’t have to add and remove the case all the time. This way it’s always protected for that inevitable drop to the kitchen floor or into the toilet bowl.

  • Reply December 16, 2011


    Thanks for your help, Rob — I’ve been doing a lot of research and keep coming back to these cases. Am going to pick one up at Best Buy since LIfeProof website doesn’t offer free shipping or any other promo codes at this time (also not available on Amazon for me to use Amazon Prime account). We’ll see how it goes!

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