Paris + affordable + gadget cases. Now that’s a combination I like.

cote & ciel laptop sleeveI love all the flashy, brightly colored, happy gadget cases we’re seeing lately, but there’s something really elegant about the soothing colors of this line from Cote & Ciel, that just went on sale at

The Parisian company makes very pretty, very simple, and very affordable
cases for laptops, smartphones, iPads and iPods in elegant neutrals and
rich earth tones. (That navy is pretty sweet.)

No dots, no zigzags, no owls, no chevrons, no quilting. Not even
one ironic handlebar iPhone sleeve from cote & cielmoustache. How very French. -Liz

You can find more info about Cote & Ciel gadget cases on their website, or hit–quick!–to find them on sale while they last. Sign up with our invitation link if you need one.

Cool Mom Staff

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