Not sure what it is about children and their love for stickers, but I do find they end up everywhere but in the six-dollar sticker book that the kid begged and pleaded for in the store checkout line. So how great that DK, one of the best sticker book publishers, has channeled all that sticker-loving energy and made it digital.

DK’s Dinosaur Sticker app takes dino devotees on a dino-mite adventure through the land time forgot with a palette of 64 (!) virtual dinosaur stickers that never run out of stick–or end up decorating your toilet seat or the back of the
baby’s head.

Touching each dinosaur results in a satisfying ripping sound, and the stickers can be repositioned infinitely. Want to put a Gargoyleosaurus on top of a tree? Done. Think sticking a Pterodactyl in the middle of Times Square sounds good? Go for it. The idea is to create prehistoric sticker scenes from 14 different backdrops, or to match stickers to their shapes in 8 sticker challenges.

Though it’s hard to get the included dino fact “pop ups” to actually pop up–you have to flick
the sticker to move it yet manage to not really move it–kids will be so fascinated by the dinosaur and backdrop sounds it probably won’t matter. And the app itself is highly intuitive; both my two-year-old and five-year-old navigated through without asking for help.

Bonus: Kids can save photos of their sticker scene creations to iPad’s photo app, then share them on Facebook. Or rather, ask you to share them on Facebook for them. Unless your dinosaur sticker fan happens to be in his twenties. -Pilar

Download DK’s Dinosaur Sticker app on iTunes for iPad. Right now, it’s just $0.99 for a limited time.

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