Spring cleaning your tech – 4 ways to tackle cord nests

With iPhones, iPads, e-readers and video games coming out of our ears, my house is being overrun by cords. Aside from labeling them with a Sharpie (Tip: silver works great on black cords), I’ve decided that since I’m cleaning and organizing every other part of my house, I might as well tackle the chargers.

Here are four simple ways to help you tackle your cord nests.

1. Charging Stations

The Belkin Valet allow you to charge up to four devices at one time, with cords neatly organized behind it. Even better, it shuts off when it senses your gadgets are fully charged. If you want to completely rid yourself of cords, take a peek at the Powermat.

Applecore cord wrap | Cool Mom Tech

2. Cord Wraps

Keep your earbuds, USB cords, and chargers from getting knotted up in your bag or drawers with the simplicity of Applecore. Given their awesome price, you can snatch up a bunch in different colors to help you differentiate cords in a snap. For a more eco-friendly option, I love the look of the Wrap Wrap.

Blue Lounge cable drop cord organizers | Cool Mom Tech

3. Cord Organizers

To keep your desk area streamlined, pick up a few Blue Lounge cable drops. These self-adhesive clips stick to any surface and best of all ensure that you never have to crawl around on the floor to find your power cord. The
Quicky cordies are similar to the cable drops, but accommodate up to four cords at one time.

Magic cable trio charging cord

4. Cord Consolidation

The Magic Cable Trio links up and charge your portable devices by connecting a mini, micro-USB, and an iPhone/iPad compatible charger, essentially turning three cords into one. I also love my PlugBug, which connects your MacBook charger with a usb charger. It’s still the same amount of cords, but only takes up one plug and way less room overall. Awesome.

How do you keep your cords and chargers organized? 

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  • Reply March 5, 2012



    Great tips and suggestions on cleaning up the cord mess. Would like to add one more i came across on pinterest and thought was a great idea: http://pinterest.com/pin/252975704038685251/

    Thanks Dmitry. Glad to be introduced to your Pinterest board. -Eds

  • Reply March 9, 2012


    There is one computer in my house so there is a moment during the day that one of us is using it, typing away-me, and the other downloading music…..wires wir es wires. This
    really really helps. Such great ideas.

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