Farm animals, banjo music, red and white gingham–it’s the stuff of knee-slapping, toe-tapping hoedowns. I know, I rolled my eyes a bit initially, too, until I realized that the Barnyard Dance app is an adaptation of one of Sandra Boynton’s most beloved board books.

Chances are you have a few of her titles lying around the house already, but this app will get way more play. Really. Kids can interact with almost every graphic in this digital hootenanny (hooray!), from strumming a banjo to hatching a chick to helping animals dance, prance and promenade across the screen. Seriously, from twirling to sliding to bowing to swinging, there’s nothing your kids can’t have them do.

Better yet, there’s plenty of sound effects–think quacks, cheeps, squeaks, clucks and more–and kids can choose to have the story read to them or to read it on their own. Words are highlighted as they’re read, and tapping on individual words lets kids hear them aloud again.

Sandra Boynton is such a beloved literary staple for millions of parents–some now enjoying her the second time around. How cool that she’s found a truly wonderful way to make it into our digital bookshelves too. -Pilar

Download the Barnyard Dance app for iPhone or iPad on iTunes for $3.99.

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