Web Coolness: Geeky Mother’s Day gifts, free hotel WIFI, and fun prizes

Here are a few links we’ve enjoyed reading this week. We hope you like them too!

Looking for cool geeky Mother’s Day gifts? Follow our Pinterest board!So, whose fault is it if your kid spends $2000 on a “free” online game? Yikes!

Is there a light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to free WIFI in hotels? Eye-opening details on how much it costs and how much they make off customers.

Maybe it’s not your email that’s always broken, but rather the way you’re using it. (via@calebgardner).

Thoughtful advice about raising digital kids over at The Online Mom.

Awesome list of tech you shouldn’t buy right now on Wirecutter (via Apartment Therapy)

If you’ve ever been curious about what your social media habits say about you, we’ve found a neat digital tool from Intel that will tell you. Plus one of you will win a $500 Best Buy shopping spree just for trying it. Speaking of prizes, if you’ve got about 3 minutes and want to win some, we could really use your help.

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