Google Buzz is alive and well. On your shoes.

There are plenty of us passionate enough about our social media channel of choice, to consider displaying our allegiances on our baby clothes, our couch pillows and now perhaps…our shoes.

Keds Twitter sneakers by Lumen Bigott

A while back, we discovered these Adidas Twitter sneakers by Gerry McKay. Now graphic designer Lumen Bigott may be doing one better, with a line of Social Media Keds
in her portfolio, inspired by the graphic identities of Facebook,Twitter, YouTube,
Wikipedia, Google Buzz, and perhaps my favorite of the bunch, Flickr.

Although that cute Twitter fail whale is a contender. And you know,
those Google Buzz shoes do look kind of like awesome bowling shoes.

keds facebook sneakers by lumen bigott
Facebook Keds

google buzz twitter sneakers by lumen bigott
Google Buzz Keds
keds flickr sneakers by lumen bigott

Flickr Keds

Sadly, they’re just concepts right now so you can’t actually wear them.
Although I’m hoping Keds will get on it, because they’re super cute. At
minimum, they should probably consider hiring Lumen.

And boy, I’d love to see an entire line based on the Google Doodles. -Liz

[h/t forever geek]

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  • Reply April 30, 2012


    These are great and perfect for social media addicts.. like… er… me!

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