A smart set of earbuds at a very smart price

PureGear PureBoom earbudsSerious audiophiles have very different standards for their headphones than I do. I admit it. As someone who doesn’t need a $200 headset to answer phone calls or watch movies on my iPad when I travel, I’ve got other considerations besides “sound pressure technology” or Ruthenium metal casings. Like price.

PureGear has a line of very affordable headsets that beat whatever you
might end up buying in the airport gift shop last minute for more money. I have the PureGear PureBoom Advanced Performance In Ear Headset
and so far, I find the sound perfectly clear. I love that it
comes with a little case for storage (also handy should you own any
hexagonal shaped condoms) and that the wires are flat like fettucelle,
not round like linguini, keeping tangles at bay. They’re adjustable and
fairly comfy. And the inline mic operates with just one button for every
function, making them extremely handy for hands-free phone calls.

Also, don’t be fooled by the photos; the logo on the side is way less intrusive than it seems on the site. Oddly, that matters to me too. -Liz

Check out the PureGear PureBoom Advanced Performance In Ear Headset on the PureGear website, but find it for a way better price online at sites like eTech Parts or as low as $19.99 from independent retailers on Amazon.

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