If you like gift cards, you’ll like Wrapp

Wrapp gift card appSocial gifting is the latest Internet trend, made clear by the numerous services cropping up for making group gifting easier (GiftSimple, for example). Much easier if you know what it’s like to take two kids under the age of four to the mall.

If you also prefer the gift card route, you’ll like a new service called Wrapp which has some amazing features via Facebook.

Wrapp is a social gift card service that works through Facebook. You simply download the mobile app to your phone (iOS or Android)
and access your Facebook account. Upon logging in, you’ll see whose
birthdays are coming up and the various gift cards available for you to
give them. So it’s
kind of like a gift-giving and don’t-forget-your-friend’s-birthday service all
in one

Say your friend’s birthday is next week and
she’s a Sephora nut (who isn’t?). You can go into the app and buy her a
$25 gift card ($50 if she’s your bestie) and then she’ll be notified on her Facebook wall that she has received
it. Here’s the cool part: when your group of friends sees that you have given the gift, they
can also contribute directly from Facebook, making the value of the card
go up.

Another fun surprise is that the gift card stays “wrapped” until you
friend’s birthday, so she won’t know how many Stila glosses can she buy until
the big day arrives. And when the gifting is said
and done, voila, your friend has her gift card with her at all times and
can use it either in-store or online.

Retailers are eager to get in on this trend,
which means that a lot of them are offering free $5 gift cards on the app to get you started. And unlike some other gifting
services, there are no additional costs or fees. That includes big retailers like H&M, and Gap, plus favorites of ours like Threadless, Fab.com, and even SpaFinder.

Plus? You don’t have to go to a mall. A gift for you too! -Jeana 

Wrapp app is available for free on iTunes or Google Play.

Jeana Lee Tahnk is a prolific tech writer, crafty mom, and fan of any products that make it easier to raise three children.

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