Have you hugged your floppy disk today?

mymimi floppy disk mini pillowWhile cleaning out the office yesterday, I kept coming upon relics from my not-so-distant past, like some weird archeological dig in my house. This, children, is a floppy disk. We used it to store information on before the Cloud. And here is a cassette. . .a VHS tape. . .

While I’m okay trading the days of the mix tape for the MP3 playlist, I feel a certain nostalgia seeing these adorable geeky pillows that pay homage to tech days gone by.

Mymimi is an entire shop filled with all sort of kawaii cute—smiling happy faces on everything from pocket mirrors to cupcake pillows. But it is her geekery section that makes me smile the most, with its cheerful floppy disk pillow, or those featuring a Polaroid camera, record player, VHS tape, robot, and cassette tape.

It’s almost as if they don’t even know they are obsolete.

Polaroid camera mini pillow from mymimi
kawaii color tv pillow
kawaii robot pillow
Most of Mymini’s mini pillows are indeed “mini” and would be a cute accent on your little techy’s bed. Or just ask if the artist if you’d prefer a larger travel pillow or deluxe size.

Personally, I’d crack up seeing a toddler walk out of the room with his little mini boombox pillow clutched to his head. Just like back in the day. -Christina

You can find Mymimi’s Geekery line of pillows in her Etsy shop.


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