Kids’ music download of the week: Translator

Spicy KidAs a mama of a child with speech issues, I know how frustrating it can be, both for him and for those trying to understand what he is saying. So it may explain why I so love CMP favorite Lunch Money’s Molly Ledford’s  short and sweet song off her newest release, Spicy Kid.

With only her voice and quiet guitar backing, Translator sings of a role some of us parents know all too well. But it is Molly’s lyrics that capture so perfectly how I feel as my son’s speaking sidekick. One day you will have great conversations. . .but til then I’m the lucky one who listens every day. 

If you can relate to these lyrics as well as I, you too will probably have a lump in your throat by the end of the song. Yeah, I understand.-Christina

Download a copy of Translator from Lunch Money’s Spicy Kid from our affiliate Amazon.


Senior Associate Editor Christina Refford loves homeschooling, running, cool kids’ music, and coffee. Not in that order.

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