The 21st century answer to the mix tape

I love mix tapes. When I was younger, I owned one of those super cool boom boxes with two cassette decks for optimum recording prowess. I would painstakingly plan out each song based on theme, and then make sure that there was just enough time between songs. It took days. And then I would fill out the liner notes with a ball point pen.

Who’s with me?

Flash forward to 2012.

The answer my friends, is blowing in the…never mind. It’s right here. I am loving, loving, loving this new way to share music with friends. It’s a 1GB USB drive which is room for about 200 songs…which is way more room than your cassette player had. Promise.

The coolest part is that it comes packaged in an retro cassette “case,” ready made for your lovingly handwritten playlist–what an amazing gift.

It shows you put a little more time and love into your creation than most people would assume, especially when your iTunes has a drop down menu that says “burn disc.” Old school flavor + new technology. I love it.

USB Compilation Tape is available at See Jane Work 


1G USB Mix Tape at Walker Art | Cool Mom Tech

UPDATE: This is no longer available at See Jane Work, but you can find a similar one shown above with a 1GB Memory Stick by SUCK UK at Walker Art 

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  • Reply September 21, 2012

    adrian frey

    there really hasn’t been a satisfactory replacement for the mixtape in this digital age.

    i really like this, though i’d like to see an even smaller flash drive. i don’t think i’d have the patience to map out 200 songs.

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