Day: October 1, 2012

A gorgeous alphabet app for kids from the good old days. No, not 1997.

I love books. I also love lovers of books. And I particularly love book lovers who aren’t too “precious” to also enjoy a little modern technology for their books, (all hail Kindles and iPads). Such is the case with this small new company with a mission to bring some of the wonderful children’s books of the 19th and early 20th centuries to a new generation of readers through tablet technology. The company kandelsmith, otherwise known as Rita Smith and her daughter Rachel, has just launched with two new apps, the beautifully designed if plainly named ABCs Volume 1 and...

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Should you upgrade to the iPhone 5?

I’ve loved my iPhone 4 ever since I got it, but I admit that I’ve been anxiously awaiting to upgrade to iPhone 5 considering I held off on upgrading to an iPhone 4S. So when my pretty, new iPhone 5 arrived last week, I couldn’t wait to try it out, along with the fully integrated iOS6. Much to the envy of my husband and his sad shattered iPhone 3GS. If you’re wondering whether it’s worth upgrading your current iPhone or making the switch from your Blackberry or Android phone, then you’ll want to read my review. As predicted, thanks to...

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Piquing our Geek: Ditch the TV remote with nTobeBox gesture control

If any of you have Kinect for Xbox, you are no stranger to how cool it is to be able to make things happen on screen using just your hands. The first time I used it, I felt like I was in some sci-fi movie of the future (in a good way). While it is a very cool feature in the gaming world, imagine being able change a channel simply by moving your hand.  The nTobeBox by Innodigital and eyeSight Technologies is a set-top box of the future that will convert any TV into a SmartTV. Similar to current...

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Ultimate Birthday Party Gift Guide

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