Web Coolness: Apple answers Maps complaints, best Android tablet apps, mini iPad

Here are a few tech links we’ve enjoyed reading this week. We hope you like them too!

Looks like Apple has heard everyone’s complaints about Apple Maps. Here’s what Tim Cook has to say about it.

Just in case you have to take a nap at your desk, you need this. Will this work for parents too? Hilarious!

A handy notebook full of the best Android tablet apps. Who knew there so many?

Here’s the beginnings of a Tumblr of private messages that have been posted on Facebook walls. If you’ve got a screen shot of your own, you can share it there too.

Oooh, possible mini iPad mock-ups over on Geek Sugar. We can hope, right?

Should you have your kid’s online passwords?

Why Marissa Mayer shouldn’t crowdsource the name of her new baby boy.

It’s pretty cool that you can follow the progress of the Mars Rover using Foursquare.

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