Marimekko iPhone cases: Hold us!

A recent trip to Copenhagen renewed my love for all things Marimekko. And now that I see they’ve got iPhone cases on pre-order…yep. More love.

Floral Marimekko iPhone case

Marimekko iPhone case
Marimekko iPhone case
Geometric Marimekko iPhone case

There are six Marimekko iPhone cases
for the 4/4S to choose from, each made out of a tough polycarbonate
with one of their trademark, funky patterns. What’s especially nice:
four of them are available as iPhone 5 cases too for you early adopters.

As for me, I have to put my vote in for the classic red floral
Unikko case. It reminds me of the sheets I had as a little girl; and
maybe just the thing I need to put a little pop into a potentially
dreary winter. -Liz

Find the Marimekko iPhone cases for pre-order now at the Marimekko site

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