Hello? Python calling.

Rebecca Minkoff python smart phone handsetYou’ll hiss with happiness for this adorable twist on a retro-cool phone accessory from one of our favorite designers.

Rebecca Minkoff has done it again with the Python POP Phone, a ssssuper sweet snake-print handset for your mobile phone. It’s compatible with all mobile devices, absorbs 99% of that nasty phone radiation, works with computers, and comes in gray or sky blue python print. And like the other POP Phones and the YUBZ retro handset we’ve featured, they’re actually pretty great when your kids need to talk on the phone (say to faraway grandparents or a traveling parent?). Let’s just say the person on the other line won’t missing being hung up on four times. 

It just goes to show: you never know when fashion will strike. Get it– like a snake? I know, I know. Boo, hiss.~Delilah


Senior Associate Editor Delilah S. Dawson puts the chic in geek. Ask her anything about Star Wars. Really.

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