A fun little DIY online holiday card that’s perfect for wasting a little time you don’t have

I became obsessed with the Wurm Junior app recently because there’s something sort of cathartic about randomly drawing squiggles all over a page and seeing what comes out. Now a company has put together a fun little web page that lets you do the same, only over your favorite Christmas greeting.

The creative folks at Satellite Office, led by the digital mind of CTO Joshua Davis, just created a fun little online holiday card generator that I’ve had a fun time playing with. Be aware that some of the messages are a little PG-13, but when you find one you like, just start dragging your mouse around and see what happens.

The designs include stars, Christmas trees, colorful light strands, and…I don’t know. Stuff. There’s no undo; it’s pretty basic. Just go play with it. If you like it, you can share it. Or you can save the plain version of the nicely designed type and fun it up with your own online illustration program or merge with photos you own. Or hey, just keep playing.

It’s kind of like today’s holiday version of a Zen Garden, only not really. -Liz

Check out the online holiday card generator from Satellite Office. Just for fun.

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