Web Coolness: Holiday Tech Gifts, a little freebie from Pixar, and guess who’s coming to Twitter?

Here are our favorite links from around the web this week. We hope you like them too!

Happy holidays, animation fans! You get a free Burn-E clip from Pixar as your gift. (He’s Wall-E’s friend.)

Need some awesome tech-inspired gift ideas? Check out our ongoing fantastic Holiday Tech Gifts¬†series. Oh, and you could win something, too. Something big. (It’s good, trust us.)

Speaking of great gifts, Liz hit the bullseye with her tech gift recommendations for kids of all ages, on the blog of one of our most favorite stores.

We were bummed about this week’s major Instagram announcement and what users will no longer be able to do.

We love a good song parody, especially when it revolves around a huge tech trend. Ha!

Will Disney movies finally be available on Netflix? We could get into that.

Guess what everyday tech utility turned 20 this week? God, we feel old.

You cannot believe the tech names that are now popular baby names. Or at least we can’t.

Guess whose famous tweeting hands these are? Hint: he’s pretty powerful.

And look who’s coming to Twitter on Dec. 12. Handle: @pontifex It’s definitely a new era.

This old school technology is trying to make a comeback in NYC. Think it will happen?

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