Phones like they used to be back in the days that we walked uphill to school 5 miles, both ways.

Since we’ve gone landline-free, I admit I’m happy not to pay two phone bills. But I also sometimes pine for a phone that never requires me to say, “Honey…can you call my phone so I can find it?” I think this one fits the bill pretty beautifully.

Crosley retro kitchen wall phone

Crosley, makers of all tech things retro-wonderful it seems, does not just make the vinyl turntables we love–they’re also behind the gorgeous Crosley retro wall phones
which aren’t entirely retro at all. In red, black, or my fave, the
swanky chrome, they swap out the rotary for push buttons, but otherwise
it’s everything that was good about landlines. Like, you always knew
where they were. Remember that?

Crosley retro wall phone

Also, remember when they were just called “phones?” Aw. -Liz

Find the Crosley retro wall phones on their site, on Urban Outfitters (where it’s backordered) or on Amazon.
[h/t everyday treats, caffeinatrix]

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