A live streaming concert for World AIDS Day. Get ready to dance!

Today is World AIDS Day, and one of the most amazing orgs, (RED), not only offers some amazing (RED) tech to support the cause, they’re doing something extra cool: a live webcast of a huge party that’s taking me back to the days of Live Aid and the Amnesty International Festival, when the world came together over music to talk about doing good in the world.

Stereosonic Music Festival in Melbourne

Starting today, Join Red, a project of ONE will be livestreaming the Stereosonic 2012 dance music festival from Melbourne on YouTube.
They’re calling it the biggest dance music festival Down Undah, but
even North America can catch it at some not-too-unreasonable hours, like
7:30 AM this morning ET (good morning!) 4PM, and then tonight at 12:30
AM, and again tomorrow at 9 and 5:30.

Of course I’m not nearly
cool enough to know these dance artists but your older kids
might–Tiesto is hosting the likes of Avicci, Bingo Players, Calvin
Harris, and Infected Mushroom.

Plus, you’ll get to hear the
U2/Tiesto cover of Pride/ In the Name of Love which is still one of the
all-time best songs ever, in my mind. And if you love it enough, you can
buy it on iTunes along with the rest of the Dance (RED) Save Lives CD, which will 100% support actions on the ground in Africa.

World AIDS Day: Dance (RED) Save Lives

all seems like a fun way to get some upbeat music cranking around the
house for the weekend, to connect the world around dance and music–and a
good opportunity to talk to your kids about AIDS, the amazing
scientific progress we’ve made, and why it’s important to continue committing to funding for research and treatment, especially to save the lives of mothers and children.

Because it is. -Liz

You can RSVP to ONE
on their Facebook page for the big party, and watch it streaming there
or on sites like Huffington Post, Rolling Stone and Mashable. Also buy
the Dance (RED) Save Lives CD via iTunes

Liz is a proud member of the ONE Moms – sign up for action alerts and information. They never ask for your money, only your voice.

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