I’m so relieved Christmas is over so I won’t have to spend any more time wracking by brain for those thoughtful gifts for people who I have a hard time shopping for. But for every birthday and holiday coming up, I’m going to start using this clever new website for recommendations from my very own friends and family–without even having asked them. All thanks to social media.

Pickie gathers trending info from Pinterest and Facebook for easy gift ideas

Instead of using only your “social graph,” or just relying on
your personal social network to see what everyone you’ve ever known since kindergarten likes, the new website Pickie takes
advantage of the “interest graph” (like Pinterest
pins) for trending items and widespread recommendations for any category
you’re looking for. Think gadgets, babies, home décor, fashion,
fitness and more.

In a nutshell, it saves you loads of time from having
to search through all the Pinterest boards and Facebook posts yourself.

There are
a few ways you can use Pickie. You can go directly to the website to
start your own ideas catalog and just start looking through different
categories that you want Pickie to cull products from. And again, using
its cool technology, it pulls everything that’s currently popular on
Pinterest and Facebook to give you up-to-date

If you want to come up with a more specific idea for
someone you’re Facebook friends with, you can also log-in through
Facebook at www.pickie.com/gifts,
select a specific Facebook friend, his/her likes, and then Pickie works
the same way by coming up with social- and interest-based
recommendations. The one challenge though is that we don’t always “like” things we like–sometimes we like pages so we can comment on them, or in our case, a million of our friends’ blogs.

However when I tried it out using my husband as the guinea pig
and selecting “Foodie” and “Golfer” as two of his interests, here are
the suggestions Pickie offered: 

Pickie gift picking app

Pickie gift picking app

Not bad!

Clicking on the photo will take you directly to a more detailed information page and then to the site where you can buy it. 

Pickie also comes as a free iPad app,
which is very helpful. With a Pinterest aesthetic, Pickie is really
easy to use and fun to look through. But warning, with all the nifty
products you come across, it’s likely you’ll end up buying a few things
for yourself in your search for someone else’s gift. -Jeana 

Visit Pickie to start your own ideas catalog. You can also download Pickie for iPad for free on iTunes.

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