Gorgeous new tech cases that you don’t have to be a mama to love

Considering that moms have taken over the consumer tech world (it’s true, we have), it’s not surprising that now the popular parent and baby brands have jumped into the fray with tech accessories. They don’t all do it well–but one mom-favorite now does. So well, in fact, that there’s nothing particularly “mom” about them. In other words, no, there are no ducks or gingham teddy bears on these iPad and laptop sleeves that are just launching today.

iPad sleeve | Petunia Pickle Bottom

There’s hardly an accessory-loving woman who hasn’t at some point coveted a Petunia Pickle Bottom bag
or two, so it’s not surprising that they’re now offering an iPad sleeve
and laptop sleeve in some really beautiful colors, to go along with
their very pretty iPhone covers that launched in 2011.

styling and 6 fabric choices aside, the cases are even more thoughtfully designed than I had
expected. The coated canvas exterior keeps those florals looking
fresher, longer. (A must in my book.) Inside the Stowaway iPad case,
there’s a convenient little strap that you can pull up to get your
tablet out of its cozy home easily, while a magnetic clasp snaps the top
flap shut nicely. I also like the luggage-style card slot detail on the
back, so you can tuck in your address, a business card, or even a
favorite photo.

Laptop sleeves | Petunia Pickle Bottom
iPad case | Petunia Pickle Bottom

Carried Away laptop sleeve has similar styling and sturdy construction,
and it’s smart that the zipper opens across the top and down one side,
which can make it easier to get your 15″ laptop out quickly at the security
checkpoint. (Or you know, when you have to get on Twitter immediately
during the Oscars.)

The thing is, you don’t even have to be a mom to love these Petunia’s tech cases. They’re just plain pretty. -Liz

Find the new Carried Away Laptop Sleeve and Stowaway iPad Sleeve from Petunia Pickle Bottom, online at Petunia.com starting today!

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