After dropping my iPhone one too many times, I’ve been trying to figure out how to attach it to my hand when I’m holding it, you know, without super glue. Well look what I found!

iPhone wrist strap on Cool Mom Tech

The iPhone Wrist Straps at CMT fave PhotoJoJo are a whole lot of brilliant for those of you with slippery palms like me.


iPhone wrist strap on Cool Mom Tech

This kit, which comes complete with a bracket, tiny screws, and special screwdriver, allows you to attach a strap right to your precious phone, the same way you might with a point-and-shoot. In fact, it makes your phone so much easier to use when taking photos or just when you’re out and about chasing after your kids or pushing a stroller.

And if I just lost you with “screws” and “special screwdriver,” fear not. I put the bracket on my own iPhone in a snap.

Exo Brenthaven iPhone 5 case on Cool Mom Tech

It’s important to note that unless you’re willing to go without a case, which you might if you’re using gadgets like the Olloclip, you’ll need to find a special case that doesn’t interfere with the new bracket. I’ve got the Exo iPhone 5 case from Brenthaven on mine, but any case that leaves the very bottom of your phone exposed will work just fine.

And now I can grab my phone pretty quickly out of my bag and keep it safely in my hand while I’m using it. Double bonus. Kristen

You can purchase the iPhone Wrist Strap for iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5 at Photojojo.

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