It seems like there is a big Apple announcement every other month, which is fine by me, because it’s pretty clear what an Apple devotee I am. Its most recent design revelation, the new iMac, just released, is yet another product I need to set up a “fund” for and here’s why.

iMac new features at Cool Mom Tech


Thin Screen

True to form, this is a gorgeous piece of machinery that would be a showstopper in any room.The first thing you’ll notice is the amazing screen (that comes in either at 21.5″ or 27″ option). Hard to believe, but it’s even thinner and brighter than before. In fact the screen is just 5mm thick. Whoa. Hang it up on the wall and it’s a piece of artwork.

Plus it’s just fun to see how Apple computer design has evolved over the years.

iMac new features at Cool Mom Tech

Apple has also added a lot of fancy stuff to the screen to make it a lot less reflective with a more brilliant picture than ever before. Perfect for watching any Bradley Cooper movie. Says me.


Lots of Power

Under the hood, the new iMac boasts a more powerful processor to quickly access all those important files, folders and photos on Mountain Lion OS X. With a new quad-core Intel i5 processor (in human terms: it’s fast), you can expect 60% improved performance and speed. I know, it’s starting to sound like a race car, but that extra boost will come in awfully handy when you’re multitasking and need to get things done using three different apps before you pick up the kids from school.

iMac new features at Cool Mom Tech

Plenty of Memory

Storage wise, you should be in great shape, even if you download a lot of movies or music for the kids, or if like me, save thousands of photos on your smartphone and need to get them off. Each iMac comes standard with 8GB of memory and a 1 TB (yes, that’s TERAbyte) of storage which is pretty impressive.


The iMac gets Greener

What I also appreciate is how energy-efficient the new iMac is. Seeing as how ours would practically be on 24/7, it’s nice to know it won’t jack up your electricity bill since it now consumes 50% less energy than before. And while computers are never entirely eco-friendly (what’s the carbon footprint for shipping a zillion little parts from overseas?) the engineers and designers have made a great effort in ditching the toxins like mercury, arsenic, BFRs, and PVC, that you might find in other computers.

Enticing features aside, it’s simply a gorgeous computer that would make an incredible addition to anyone’s home. In fact, I have the perfect spot for it. If not quite the fund just yet. – Jeana

The new iMac comes in two sizes: the 21.5″ model starts at $1299 and the 27″ model starts at $1799. For more details, check out the Apple website.

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