Discounts, perks, rewards–they all sounded reeeeally good when we signed up for all those membership programs. Until we end up with a lot of cards taking up wallet space and we never bother cashing in on all those benefits.

Enter Larky.

The free web and mobile service (now on iOS with Android on the way, yay!) knows we deserve all those membership benefits we are entitled to, from our own health insurance, airlines, credit cards, alumni associations, museums, and all kinds of groups with acronym names.

What’s more, Larky makes sure we get them. It keeps track of points and stamps, since let’s face it, most of us are too busy with life to manage that stuff ourselves every day.

Push notifications go out reminding you when you’re physically near a place you can use a perk–like when you’re at the museum in Grandma’s hometown and had no idea you could get in for free thanks to that museum membership you already have at home. Or if you’re near a lot of places where you have memberships, the alerts will be mercifully consolidated into one notification, because no one wants their phone pinging more than it does already. Better yet, you can customize your notifications how you’d like them.

All good, considering Larky says consumers can save $1,000 or more per year by using their service. Although, I’d imagine you would have to have a lot of memberships and be super committed to using every benefit coming your way to make it to a thousand bucks.

Having only played around with it for a few days, I can’t speak to the amount it’s saving me just yet, but I do like that you can mess around with Larky for free without having to plug in any membership numbers or passwords.

I will be honest, the list of organizations included are so vast, that from a political standpoint, there are some I’m personally uncomfortable with. But after reaching out to Larky they did assure me their focus is on being user-centric. In other words, they don’t have a personal relationship with any of the membership companies listed, theyre just trying to serve as many people as possible.

And hey, the app is free . Which is my favorite price. -Pilar

Download the free Larky app for iOS to start tracking your membership rewards and discount programs.

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