No matter how your family is spending this Father’s Day, we’ve rounded up some great songs about dads and “dad-themed” tunes to download and blast throughout the house or car. (Because really, Papa was a Rolling Stone…not the most loving lyrics.) Today, no one will tell Dad that it’s too loud, unless it’s naptime, of course. His.

Frances England Daddy-O Image on Cool Mom Tech

1. Frances England: Daddy-O
We’ve featured this song before but Daddy-O from England’s album Fascinating Creatures is worth repeating since it is just so perfect for today. With her gorgeous voice and quiet guitar, hand Dad a Kleenex before the kids snuggle around to listen. Or, send him the song attached to this companion ecard, and he can hide his eyes behind his computer monitor.


Dad Caught Stars on Cool Mom Tech

2. Justin Roberts: Dad Caught Stars
This is a sweet, easy-going tune about a child spending a summer’s night outside catching fireflies with dad. Off of his 2003 release Not Naptime, I love how it captures a simple moment in time that would stick in a child’s mind for an entire life.


Dad Upside Down Hullabaloo on Cool Mom Tech

3. Hullabaloo: Dad Upside Down

Not your typical “dad” song, this tune from the much-loved Raise a Ruckus, is a fun spelling lesson set to a rollicking country beat. It also explains why you should never tip Dad upside down. Should your kids need that lesson.


Justin Roberts Pop Fly on Cool Mom Tech

4. Justin Roberts: Stay-At-Home Dad 

Also from Justin Roberts, on his Pop Fly release, comes this humorous and upbeat ode to those dads who are at home with the kids. Sure, there are a few stereotypes in here (I’m sure plenty of dads can in fact fold laundry), but the sing-it-loud chorus and loving sentiment more than make up for it.


Why is Dad So Mad? on Cool Mom Tech

5. The Board of Education: Why is Dad So Mad (about Star Wars)?

One of my favorite tunes of 2012, this track is low on sentimentality but high on fun, especially if dad freaks out every time he sees the the Star Wars prequels. From cool Binary album, these lyrics will make any dad who grew up with Luke and Leia smile with understanding. And hopefully, not get mad!

Happy Father’s Day, cool dads!


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