While there’s no shortage of computers and other assorted gadgets that kid need for the back to school season, we continue our 2013 back to school tech guide focusing on some of the cooler gadget and high-tech school supplies this year for older students. With any hope, a few of these might make returning to those 6 AM alarms a little more easier to tolerate. Maybe? Kinda?

iSnooze alarm clock dock | Cool Mom Tech


iSnooze iPhone alarm dock
Just slide your iPhone into this dock and it turns into an alarm clock with a giant, old school snooze bar. Just don’t use it too much. Love, Mom. ($34.99, Distlunion)

Lifeproof for Android | Cool Mom Tech

Lifeproof for Samsung Galaxy SIII
Waterproof, drop proof, dirt proof, snow proof–if you want your teen’s Samsung phone to actually come home in one piece, this case is the way to do it. ($79.99-89.99, Lifeproof)

Crosley amplitone headphones | Cool Mom Tech

Crosley Amplitone Headphones
The new headphones from cult favorite Crosley Radio have all the retro indie cred in terms of styling, a lightweight profile, and a thicker cord that staves off the dreaded backpack tangle. The sound is perfectly fine for tuning out the world during homework time, and you can’t beat the price. (Crosley, $29.95)

Ted Baker Vintage Typewriter laptop sleeve | Cool Mom Tech

Ted Baker Typewriter Laptop Sleeve
Well if this isn’t one of the coolest looking ways to tote around that 13″ laptop or tablet, we don’t know what is. Then again, we’re biased towards tech accessories that give a nod to the pre-digital era. ($45, Fred Flare)

XD Design Solar Window Charger | Cool Mom Tech

XD Design Solar Window Charger
While there are tons of portable power packs out there, this one is eco-friendly, it saves you money in the long run, and it keeps your devices charged. What’s not to love? ($70, Fancy)

Flash flash drive | Cool Mom Tech

Super Hero Flash Drive
Get it? The Flash? ($18.71 on sale, Mimobot)

Kidecals keyboard decals | Cool Mom Tech

Keycals Keyboard Stickers
If you’re handing down an old Mac, make it feel shiny and new with these keyboard stickers in lots of colors and designs. They can even be personalized.  ($6-14, Kidecals)

Casio graphing calculator | Cool Mom Tech

Casio Graphing Calculator
If your kid is SAT bound any time soon, this fast, affordable graphing calculator gets nice reviews. They sure look sleeker than what we used as pre-calc students. And the pink is pretty cute in that ironic sort of way. ($69.99 on sale, Staples)

Digits touchscreen gloves by Moshimonde | Cool Mom Tech

Digits Touchscreen Gloves
Cold weather will be here before you know it, and heaven forbid that means those little fingers will be cold while incessantly texting. Because not texting is obviously not an option. ($30, Moshimonde)

iPad writing desk | Cool Mom Tech

iPad Writing Center
This gorgeous handmade walnut tray is actually a tablet dock with room for a Bluetooth keyboard. Just keep the coffee away; it’s not a breakfast in bed tray. ($139, Hekseskudd)

Coffee iPhone case | Cool Mom Tech

Benefits of coffee iPhone Case
Should you need an added reminder as to the joys of caffeine, this iPhone 5 cover should do the trick. Cute gift for your new college student. Sniff. ($16, Urban Outfitters)

For more great tech accessories, apps, and more, check out the rest of our Back to School Tech Guide 2013!

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