Why would a parent consider a selfie app? Let us count the ways. First off, the eleventy bazillion visitors you’ll want to capture memories with this holiday. However, unless you have a camera shutter remote for your DSLR or phone (hint hint, Santa), that group shot you’re after isn’t likely to have you in it.

Sure, I’ve tried using the timer function on my camera, climbing up some shelves to make sure the extra-tall people’s heads aren’t cut off, then clambering down and running to get into the shot just in time for the shutter to capture my butt in mid scramble. But CamMe is a way better option. This iOS app allows you to take selfie-style images without the outstretched arm or awkward angling. All you have to do is gesture to the camera from a distance. That’s it. Seriously, I’m flinging tinsel.

Place your smartphone or tablet up to 22 feet away, amass anyone and everyone you want in the pic, hold up your hand, and then make a fist. The app will start a countdown and then take the picture. It’s all very Minority Report. And it’s free.

Pretty sure this counts as a Christmas miracle. -Pilar

Download the CamMe photo app for iOS today. It’s free!