Thank a Teacher sends a free thank you note to your favorite teacher for Teacher Appreciation Day

With today being Teacher Appreciation Day (and the whole week being Teacher Appreciation Week), I’ve been trying to figure out how to properly express my gratitude to all the wonderful teachers in my life–both my own growing up, as well as those teaching my kids right now. Well for starters, I just used Thank a Teacher to send them each a free, real paper thank-you note right from my computer. And you can too.

Once you hop onto Thank a teacher, a cool service created by six students as their senior project, you’ll be prompted to add the teacher, coach, or mentor’s name, then choose from a dropdown menu with your state, city, and specific school. Enter a short message and hit send. They take care of the rest, like getting a sweet, real life thank-you off in the mail for you for free.


Teacher Appreciation Day: Thank a Teacher website | Cool Mom Tech

I did try to send one to an old favorite college professor, and while my school did appear in the dropdown menu, it wouldn’t go through; so I’d say stick to K-12 educators for now. Either way, it’s pretty awesome. So go make someone’s day. Or lots of someones’ day.

Send a free thank you card to your favorite teacher on What a cool thing. 

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