The Bandolier iPhone case: Function meets style meets you need a date night now

Bandolier iPhone cases in stylish colors | Cool Mom Tech

When we first came across the crossbody Bandolier iPhone case, I admit that a few on our staff was like…eh…do we really need it? The rest of us however, were completely excited about it. I include myself in that latter group.

I suppose it has a lot to do with your lifestyle, and as a city girl who manages to get out from time to time, I hate looking back at events and seeing me wielding an iPhone in every photo. Which is why I think the Bandolier iPhone case is a terrific, stylish alternative.

It’s a simple idea: A crossbody style case into which you slide your iPhone 4 or 5. It fits quite snugly and securely.The clip-on shoulder strap lets you drape your phone fairly unobtrusively across your body, which has two benefits: It looks like a chic mini handbag at first glance, and your phone is always there when you need it.

Because fumbling in a clutch to find your phone while juggling a cocktail is the easiest ever way to miss a call–or a great shot. That’s why the cut-out for the camera lens is a perfect touch.


Bandolier iPhone case | Cool Mom Tech

There are a couple of thin flaps along the back, should you want to tuck in a $20 bill, a single credit card, or a business card or two.That’s very convenient when you decide you’re going to head into the cocktail party without a bag at all, because really, all you need is your phone and that one back-up Amex. (What a world we live in!) Also perfect when you’re just running to the store a moment and don’t need your entire 80-pound bag. Or is that just me.

I will say the Bandolier straps are a bit on the long side for me; it hangs just at thigh-level for me and I’m pretty average height at 5’5″. For Kristen, it would hit her at the hip. And I bet all the Amazon celebrity starlets who wear them probably like the longer length too.

I also think that the black/silver Bandolier I was sent for review can look a little “accessory bought on a table on Canal Street” despite the decent enough leather for the case, but there are so many other gorgeous versions worth looking it.

I find that overall, the gold colored hardware makes it look a little nicer–or if you’re a silver gal, check out the ones with the squared studs or other metal accents which at least compliment the silver clasp.

Alternatively, I love the gold Bandolier with matching gold hardware if you want something a little sparkly. There are many fun solid colors in either leather or a hard shell. And then there’s the one I really want to get, the faux python print.

For a little more money, there’s also a fun rose gold chain link Bandolier which is right on trend.

Bandolier iPhone case - gold crossbody style

Bandolier iPhone case with rose gold chain | Cool Mom Tech

Bandolier iPhone case in pink shell

Bandolier iPhone case in python | Cool Mom Tech

I also think you should keep in mind that the black iPhone 5 happens to look a lot sleeker in the case; the white version makes it look a little sportier. But then, that might be why you got a white phone in the first place.

I’ll definitely be wearing this out to a hot party this Friday night. (Mama gets a night out!) It means that I can stick with a little clutch for my other belongings, and I know my phone cam is at the ready at all time. It’s either that, or hand the phone to a date with a blazer to hold in a pocket, and that won’t do at all.

Check out the Bandolier iPhone case at, or in lots of shops, mostly in the LA area. It fits the iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S. Sorry 5c owners.


Liz Gumbinner is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of the Cool Mom Picks network. This makes her very happy.


  • Reply June 21, 2014


    This is perfect for me! But any plans to release an Android version for Samsung?

    • Liz
      Reply June 22, 2014


      Not that we know of right know Jeanne, sorry!

    • PortaPocket and PortaPocket *bling* can fit an Android (or almost any other cell phone out there), Jeanne. And you can wear it hands-free. Excellent for those nights out on the town :)

  • Reply February 5, 2015

    Evelyn Rok Moskovitz

    Do these iPhone crops body cases come in for an iPhone 6?????

  • Reply May 10, 2015


    Just got mine! Have wanted one for a while. Have been so tired of hearing my phone ring from deep in my purse!

    • Liz
      Reply May 12, 2015


      The best, right? I love mine! Enjoy.

  • Reply August 10, 2015


    I absolutely love mine! I get comments all the time – people wanting to know where I got it. I have had mine for about 6 months. I do have to say I am disappointed in how it has held up. The leather around the edges is lifting and pulling apart. It’s actually torn on one of the corners. The concept is fantastic, but I do think they need engineer it so it holds up longer. Mine still completely functions, it just doesn’t look so good… and at that price it really should.

    • Liz
      Reply August 10, 2015


      Wow sorry to hear that Eliza, and thanks for sharing your experience. Mine still looks pretty great a year later, but admittedly I wear it more for nights out and not day to day.

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