Our favorite fall accessory: Gorgeous iPhone cases by indie artist Kristi Kohut.

Kristi Kohut iPhone Cases at Cool Mom Picks Indie Shop Great.ly | Cool Mom Tech

These days, I feel like my phone is as much an accessory as my earrings or bracelets I mean, I have the thing with me All. The. Time. And I hate to admit it (please don’t fire me, Cool Mom Tech editors!) but I still use a cheap plastic case from the store where I bought my iPhone. I just haven’t gotten around to splurging on a stylish one yet, what with so much Back to School shopping going on. So I got really excited when our editor Liz discovered these gorgeous iPhone cases by Chicago artist Kristi Kohut all based on her original artwork, and added them to our Cool Mom Picks Indie Shop at Great.ly.

These are lovely, aren’t they? Like the best of art meets the best of fashion meets the best of tech.


Kristi Kohut's Hapi Vivid Desert iPhone Case at Cool Mom Picks Indie Shop at Great.ly | Cool Mom Tech

Hapi Vivid Desert iPhone 5/5s Case, $36


Kristi Kohut's Hapi Colorful World iPhone case at Cool Mom Picks Indie Shop at Great.ly | Cool Mom Tech

Hapi Colorful World iPhone 5/5s Case, $36


Hapi on Fire iPhone Case by Kristi Kohut at Cool Mom Picks Indie Shop at Great.ly | Cool Mom Tech

Hapi on Fire iPhone 5/5s Case, $45

I just love getting to support an indie artist while walking out the door feeling stylish. Plus, it’s cheaper than buying one of her fine art giclee prints. Though that may be next.

Check out all the cool iPhone cases and other products from indie-artist Kristi Kohut at our Cool Mom Picks Indie Store at Great.ly. 


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