When we teased the idea of the Polaroid Socialmatic camera back in the spring, we could hardly contain ourselves. So you can imagine how amped we are now that you can pre-order the Socialmatic right now.

Why all the excitement? Well, first, just look at it. That’s one cool piece of tech gadgetry. But beyond looking rad, the real secret sauce to this snazzy 14 MP camera is its insta-abilities. It’s a word… or it should be once you see the neat stuff this camera can do.

Snap a pic with the Socialmatic and then, using the 4.5-inch touchscreen, you can edit the shot or add filters, text, or graphics. And then you can share your high-quality photo masterwork on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook — right from the camera — because it instantly connects to WiFi for quick sharing.


Polaroid Socialmatic: instant photo sharing!


But there’s more: You can also print 2×3-inch pics with a push of a handy button. I’m talking, the photos come right out the camera, like old-school Polaroids. Even better, the tiny prints are actually stickers — just peel off the adhesive back (or not). Can you even imagine how much fun kids would have with that at a birthday party, on a ski or beach vacation, or at a big family gathering?

The Socialmatic comes with the Android OS, so it does everything you’d do with a smartphone — like download apps and browse the Internet on the touchscreen — except talk, of course. But with everything the Socialmatic can do, we don’t think you’ll miss voice calling.

And — I saved the best for last — there’s a 2 MP selfie camera on the back. Might we suggest wearing your selfie shirt while basking in all of this insta-goodness?

The Polaroid Socialmatic camera is available for pre-order from Photojojo for $299 for 10 prints and $350 for 110 prints. It will ship on January 12. And for more cool cameras, check out the Cool Mom Tech archives.

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