I have some great news about TripIt, the lifesaving, can’t-live-without-it travel itinerary app that I recommend to everyone I know. In fact, itĀ justĀ saved me $300 a ticket on our trip to Las Vegas for CES last week, thanks to an auto-alert from TripItĀ about a temporary fare drop. ($300!Ā I know!) Now there’s another way that TripIt can save you a ton of money, time and aggravation, with a brand new partnership with CLEAR.

If you travel to or from cities like Orlando, San Francisco or Las Vegas, you may have looked longingly at those other travelers in the CLEAR security lanes who zip past the other travelersĀ and head straight to the machines. If you’re a TripItĀ Pro member, you can now get a free four-month CLEAR membership. Then, if it’s worth it for you, you can become a CLEARĀ member for $159/year, orĀ $20 off. Hey, that’s like fiveĀ Cinnabons right there!

The best part is, it’s not just for business travelers–you can add a family member to your account for free (that’s another $50 savings, or 13 Cinnabons), plus bring your kids right through the line with you.

How great is it to not have cranky kids waiting on 30 minute security lines? Pretty great, is the answer.

Free CLEAR airport membership now for TripIt Pro members

The one thing is that while you can sign upĀ online, you do need a few extra minutes at the airportĀ before your next trip to get your PassportĀ verified and your fingerprints scanned for this biometric-identity service.

The other thing? How can CLEAR not be in any New York area airports yet besides Westchester? Get with the program, Port Authority! I need this. Also, evidently, a Cinnabon.

Ā Visit TripIt or the CLEAR blog to learn more about the new free trial membership and other benefits for TripIt Pro members.

PS, to those of you who donated frequent flyer miles through TripIt for Make-a-Wish this holiday, congrats! They donated 1.14mm miles which can send more than 20 kids on dream trips.


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