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A prettier power strip

When you’re a parent, taming the cords that pile up around the house isn’t just a matter of aesthetics, it’s a matter of safety. Now there’s a new power strip that takes both into consideration. The new Power Pod is a beautiful outlet solution. And yes, I just used the phrase “beautiful outlet solution.” This surge protector reinvents the classic power strip with an efficient circular design. That means you can fit six whole three-pronged plugs in there, even the wide ones that often creep over adjacent outlets (which drives me crazy). To top it off, it comes with...

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The ultimate must-have power strip for parents

Most parents would agree that with each progressive child that enters a family, parenting gets a little more lax. (Watch as the three second rule becomes the 20 second rule.) The one area that has remained unchanged in our household, though, is child safety. I may not have used as many cabinet locks the second time around, but I do make sure that all of our electrical outlets have child-resistant protective plugs in them. In addition to those protective covers, I just found another amazing product that reduces the risk of electrical shock. The Wet Circuits Power Strip is a...

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Bed trays as laptop trays. Why not!

Embarrassing confession: I spent so much time with my laptop on my lap one summer, I have permanent, if faded, dark marks on my thighs. Now I’m always telling myself that one day, I’m going to invest in a laptop tray of some sort. In looking around I realized hey, there are some cute bed trays that do great double duty as a laptop tray. You know, when the kids aren’t serving me breakfast in bed at 11 AM. Ha. I kind of love this mahogany wood veneer bed tray from CB2 complete with a heat-proof finish that means...

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Herman Miller does it to me again

When holidays roll around, I definitely start thinking about how I can wrangle the chaos in my home to something, shall we say, a little more guest-friendly? Piles of papers away, cords hidden, bookshelves prettied up. One of the things that needs a shot of new around here is the big messy desk at the center of our living room. (Friends, you know of which I speak.) When I saw this one from Herman Miller I got all sweaty in a happy way. Introduced in 2008, the Herman Miller Airia Desk is such a gorgeous mid-century inspired classic, with...

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See Jane Work Cyber Tuesday Sale – Get organized for 25% less

Call me crazy, but I could spend hours shopping at an office supply store. So you can only imagine how much fun I have perusing the virtual shelves at See Jane Work, which is like an office supply store only with pretty things. Things you really really want. Particularly today with their very cool Cyber Tuesday sale. [Don’t miss the great offer after the jump] Whether you need to stock up on swanky office supplies, complete your holiday shopping list, or prepare yourself early for 2011, today is the day to do it. I found 25% off every single...

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Avoiding homework excuses with a cool lap desk

Not sure if it is procrastination or truth, but my tween son says he can hear his younger brothers’ voices through the walls. Their bedrooms do share a wall, so I tend to think he has a point. To eliminate this loud distraction–or at minimum the excuse–while he “concentrates” on his homework, I set out to find the perfect lap desk. After finally tracking down coveted Star Wars bedding at Pottery Barn Kids, I stumbled upon their flip out lap desk. If you have limited space, this is a very smart piece, turning any space in the house into...

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VIOlight Cell Phone Sanitizer: You’ve got that germ-free touch

Having spent the greater part of my adult life being mocked for being slightly — okay totally, pathologically germ phobic, I have to say the new VIOlight cell phone sanitizer has me feeling pretty vindicated. Just today I read that one’s cell phone screen has 18 times more germs and bacteria than a toilet handle. Blurg! Think about it: how many times have your kids played games on your phone right before you pick up an incoming call? And we all know what walking petri dishes kids are. The VIOlight Cell Phone Sanitizer has me completely sold on this small device that lets you slide...

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Desk chairs at DWR, now 15% more comfortable

As the old joke about Design Within Reach goes, the name makes no sense at all when you consider the prices. But it’s still one of my favorite shops guaranteed to leave my drool marks on my laptop screen, as I imagine the fabulous, perfectly perfect home I’ll have. One day. But while I can get a platform bed elsewhere cheaper, I don’t want to skimp on my desk chair–ergonomics and all–and DWR is a good resource for the top of the line stuff. Especially this weekend during their semiannual sale, which gives you an excuse if you’ve been...

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Cocoon Grid-it – Transforming you into an organizational butterfly

I’m one of those moms who could reallllly use one of those purse organizers and would get one then never actually use it; mostly because they contain a set number of pockets of specific sizes, which just doesn’t fly for this free spirit. (That’s code for “woman who likes to just toss things in her bag.”) But I found an organizer, actually made for tech, that might just do the trick. Granted, the Grid-It organizer from Cocoon was designed more for laptop bags than for purses, but hey, since I carry my laptop in my purse, why not? The...

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