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The coolest fridge ever comes with markers

You can’t write on the walls. You can’t write on the cabinets. You can’t write on the appliances. Or wait. Thanks to Amana, actually, now you can. The Amana Jot is possibly the coolest refrigerator ever. It has everything you need in a smaller fridge–adjustable glass shelves, crisper drawers, and that ever popular ice maker. But it has one feature we’ve never seen before: The entire front of the fridge is dry erase. We’ve been testing a Jot, and I have to say that I’ve never seen children so involved with an appliance. The Jot comes with two dry erase...

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Samsung Flex Duo Oven – It’s two, two, two ovens in one.

This past week, I got a first look at an absolute game-changer of an oven: The Samsung Flex Duo Oven, which was announced at CES earlier this year. In short, it converts easily from a single oven to two, with just the insertion of a dedicated insulated tray through a center channel. Pretty nifty. The Flex Duo Oven is a single 5.9 cubic foot convection oven, or functions as two smaller ones (2.7 and 3.0 cu.ft.). The really amazing thing: the separate compartments not only have their own temperatures and timers, but they don’t mingle odors. Which means thanks...

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Can one covet a garbage can? If it’s from simplehuman, it’s likely.

I’ve always known the simplehuman line of trash cans to be well designed, but it wasn’t until I saw a demo of their brilliant new Sensor Can that I actually started coveting it. Coveting. A garbage can. I know. The simplehuman Sensor Can is no mere trash receptacle. No ma’am. An evolution of the simplehuman step can, this thing has a brain. It actually senses and reacts to your behavior–like it opens by itself, closes by itself, and knows when to do both. For example, if you’re peeling potatoes or changing the liner, and the lid is open more...

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Belkin Chef Stand keeps messy hands off your iPad 2

I have to say that the iPad has completely changed the way I cook–no need to take up tons of counter space with my laptop, no fear of drips in the keyboard, and way fewer paper recipes printed. And now with this smart new gadget from Belkin, I’m pretty sure it will take the iPad kitchen experience to a whole new level. Just launched this week, the Belkin chef stand and stylus was made with messy cooks like me in mind, allowing you to safely prop up your iPad, and then actually use it without having to smudge the...

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Ovens in smoking hot colors

I always think the mark of a truly stylish kitchen is a few well-placed pops of color. I never imagined that color being on the oven, but, after seeing the candy colored cookers from BlueStar Ovens, I now think that a statement-making oven is a pretty genius idea. Blue Star Ovens’ wall oven comes in 190 colors–every shade from hot pink to mustard yellow. I have to imagine that even the blandest looking pot roast you put into this thing would come out of the oven in bold colors, just like in Wizard of Oz when the movie goes...

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Protect your iPad from the elements. Of cooking

There are many times when I rely on my iPad for recipes while cooking. But out of sheer concern that I’ll get bread crumbs or flour stuck in the crevices, I keep the device far away; usually on the kitchen table, while my prep area is on the other side of the room on the counter. Probably not the most efficient way to cook. I recently heard about a protective cover for the iPad called Chef Sleeve which is meant to address this very issue. And it does. Chef Sleeve is a disposable, 100% recyclable, crystal clear protective bag...

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How to turn your iPad into a kitchen appliance

For a lot of moms, the iPad really is a digital cookbook. It makes perfect sense; with so many awesome cookbook apps and recipe apps, not to mention online recipe help and¬†online meal planners, your iPad can be your lifesaver in the kitchen. So how smart that now there’s a case made to double as a wall mount, so you can hang your treasured iPad up above the sticky fingers and confectioner sugar disasters. The Wallee iPad case is basically a protective hard case, but with a dandy X slot on the back that connects to an X-shaped wall...

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Piquing our Geek: The Tempdot Faucet

Every mom knows that fear of letting a toddler turn the faucet on and off by herself for the first time. I remember loving my daughter’s independence, but being a wee bit panicked that she’d crank the hot water too high and scald herself. Was it a major fear of my life? Not particularly. But still, it’s part of the reason this very cool faucet idea made me raise an eyebrow. The Tempdot faucet concept by Jaeseok Han of Yanko Design, aims to color code temperature settings so that with one touch, you get the perfect lukewarm but not...

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Piquing Our Geek: Vacuums from Electrolux that save the world one ocean at at time

It always amazes me when my 5-year-old son stops me as I throw away the teeniest tiniest piece of plastic – literally a twist-tie – and tells me I need to recycle it. We’re raising our kids to be little environmentalists and the level of awareness they can have at such a young age is incredible. Luckily, green is in, and words like organic, recycling and eco-friendly are becoming part of the daily vernacular, not just for us, but some big brand out there. Big brands like Electrolux (think, Kelly Ripa) are jumping on the green bandwagon and making a...

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