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The affordable little gadget that turns regular appliances into smart ones | Sponsored Message

This is a sponsored message from Wemo Mini It’s amazing how technology can simplify the lives of parents, especially with one of the busiest times of year upon us. And that’s exactly the case with the Wemo Mini, an affordable little plug that instantly turns your lamps, fans, or any small appliance into a smart gadget. – Don’t miss a special discount on this already affordable gadget, below – Just pop a Wemo Mini into a regular wall outlet, and plug in a small appliance or gadget of choice — like a humidifier, coffee maker, the night light no...

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4 ways to use tech to keep your family mosquito free this summer.

Summer is here, and that means a whole lot of bugs, and ways to try to prevent my kids from getting bitten by bugs. Thankfully, there are smart ways to use tech to help keep those mosquitos at bay, at least around your home, or when you’re on the road, you camping types. Related: The best bug sprays for Zika virus protection First up, the Stinger cordless mosquito lantern, which can kill up to 40% more bugs with its UV black light. And, when you don’t need to zap pesky critters, you can use it as a regular LED...

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Here’s what you need to know about the Apple HomePod aka Alexa by Apple.

Okay, okay so the new HomePod is not technically the Amazon Echo (aka Alexa), but well, it pretty much is, just shaped more like a marshmallow in Apple’s signature black and white. That’s not to say we’re all not going to want it when it hits shelves in December, but it’s a pretty late arrival considering Alexa, Dot, and Google Home (just to name a few) have been on the market for awhile now. And for the most part, people (including me) are pretty happy with them. Related: 27 cool things you can do with the Amazon Echo While...

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A cool new pregnancy tracker you might already have in your home.

We’ve been fans of Withings ever since we spotted their fitness tracker at CES a couple of years ago. Since then, they’ve added a ton of very cool new products, like their scale for one, which now allows expectant moms to track their pregnancy every time they step on it. Related: A fertility tracker that lets you toss out that BBT thermometer Once you activate Pregnancy Mode on your Withings scale, you’ll get an overview of your progress, which includes your pregnancy weight gain and how it compares to recommendations. Though, I should say that I was someone who gained a whole...

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The Echo Look: Now you can ask Alexa if your butt looks good in those jeans

Well, well, Amazon’s Echo (aka Alexa) is now your own personal Anna Wintour thanks to the newly launched Echo Look. Think Alexa, now with eyeballs and a fashion sense. With this new gadget, you can actually take full-length photos of yourself (even video) so you can share on social media for friend-polling, or just ask their built-in Style Check service. They’ll actually give you a rating of which is better based on machine learning and tips from style experts, with their advice getting better as they get to know you. Cool. Also, freaky. Related: 27 cool things you can do...

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12 of the coolest products and tech gadgets for parents from CES 2017. Holy cow, the future is here!

This year at CES 2017, family and baby tech each had its own summit (wow!) and bevy of exhibitors sharing some of the hottest new gadgets for parents. Seriously, where were all these incredible gadgets when my kids were babies? While there were tons incredible products for parents at CES 2017, I narrowed it down to 12 that I think are the coolest or at least, the most interesting. And all of which are worth having on your radar. Related: 6 baby monitors from CES 2017 that do way more than monitor Snoo Smart Sleeper For Happiest Baby on the Block fans, Dr. Harvey...

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8 cool gadgets to make your smart homes even smarter | CES 2017

We saw a ton of new smart home products launch last year, with offerings from Nest, WeMo, smart doorbells and much more. But wow, after walking the floors at the CES conference last week, it’s clear that 2017 will bring even more integration between products, along with smarter functions, remote access, and voice recognition. Let’s just say Alexa, the voice and software behind Amazon Echo, ruled. Here, 8 of the coolest (and craziest) smart home products I saw at the show that I think you will want to have on your radar, parents. Related: A smart WiFi Thermostat: Crazy or cool? LG Smart InstaView Fridge Bring on the...

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Amazon Dash Replenishment Service means you’ll never run out of coffee again

The Amazon Dash service has come a long way since we first featured it two years ago when it was just a cool gadget that connected you to your Amazon shopping cart via WIFI. Since then, Amazon added Dash Button, which are little gadgets that live on your washing machine or dishwasher, and allow you to order supplies like laundry detergent with just one click. But most recently, they’ve launched Amazon Dash Replenishment Service (DRS), which is a fully integrated system connecting your smart gadgets to Amazon, so when you run out of something, it automatically orders it for you. No...

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3 genius mosquito tech solutions to keep your family itch free

Preventing mosquitoes is one of my big concerns, especially this summer. Not only are they annoying and itchy, they carry some serious diseases that I don’t want anywhere near my family. But I don’t like the idea of spraying chemicals in my yard either. The right bug sprays work pretty well, but they can get expensive over the long term. Plus, you have to keep on spraying everyone. So, we’re looking to some clever mosquito tech solutions to keep my outdoor entertaining areas free of mosquitoes, so we can eat dinner, star watch, and catch fireflies in peace. Related: The best safe kids...

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