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Lo-Fi makes your photos fancy on your PC

There are a lot of smartphone apps out there that let you edit your photos, add cool borders and special effects, but if you don’t have a snazzy phone that works with apps, well, you may feel a little left out. And we hate when our readers feel left out! So I found a very cool photo application that works right on your PC or Mac desktop. Lo-Fi is a downloadable software program that lets you upload any photo and instantly make it fancy without having to take a 3-week Photoshop course. There is a wide variety of effects...

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PhotoCopier – Making your lame iPhone snapshots look like works of art

I am so reliant on my iPhone for snapshots lately, that I’m becoming slowly addicted to all the great photo filter apps out there that make up for the quality of the photos. No doubt that’s partly why Hipstamatic and now Instagram are so popular–not because we’re great photographers, but because really, we’re kind of meh. Browsing through the Apple app store the other day, I discovered the staff recommended Photo Copier which offers about the most comprehensive filter options I’ve seen. And art fans in particular are going to love it. This really fun app for iPad and...

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Instagram for insta-photo sharing goodness

If you’re on Twitter or Facebook, you may be seeing some friends posting and sharing their photos through a service called Instagram and wondering what exactly it is. And why their photos look so awesome. Instagram is a free iPhone app that is essentially a social network for photos, allowing you to not only to take photos and share them, but also edit and apply beautiful effects and filters to them that can make even that fuzzy candid of your toddler fishing his boot out of the toilet look pretty darn beautiful. Instagram is similar to Hipstamatic, only there...

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How to be undead in less than 5 minutes.

Whether you’re into True Blood, Vampire Diaries, or Twilight–and I’ll admit I adore all three–it’s impossible to escape the world’s ongoing fascination with all things dead and fangy. Whether you’re a vampire fan, too, or you just want to send freaky Halloween photos to your family I discovered an easy trick to vampirize your photos, no blood-drinking required. Just go to the photo editing site Picnik, register, and upload a photo. Under the create tab you’ll find an array of Halloween photo effects; apply Vampire Eyes, make yourself pasty/sparkly with Draculan Dermis, add fangs, and even give yourself some...

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Hipstamatic is a photography blast from the past

I’m far from a photography expert, and admittedly, the only camera I use anymore is my iPhone.  While every now and then I get a great picture with it, I often feel bad that the only pictures of my kids are taken with the sub-par quality of a camera phone. That is, until I discovered Hipstamatic. I first stumbled upon Hipstamatic while admiring photos on blogs, thinking they were taken with some fancy pants camera. But when I found out they were from a simple iPhone photo app, I definitely had to check it out. This super cool iPhone photography app adds a filter to...

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Photo effects like they used to be: blurry, too blue, and very very cool

Originally posted on Cool Mom Picks I am a Photoshop spaz, so I love finding programs that let me do cool things with my photos with little to no mental anguish. It’s not just a great tool as a blogger, it’s cool when I’m uploading them into e-invitations or videos or keepsake photo books. The new Rollip site is made to do just that.  Rollip can give your snaps any number of neato old school Polaroid effects, as you can see here in with a pic of my daughter that I uploaded. There are 40 now, with more to...

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