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An app that motivates my kid to clean his room? I am so in.

Sure, in a perfect world my son would make his bed and clean up the minefield of LEGOS without being asked. That would be the same perfect world in which I could eat chocolate cupcakes and lose weight. But in the world in which I actually live getting my son to take care of his daily responsibilities is usually achieved by a fair amount of threatening and frustration. At least until I found the ultimate motivator. Screen Time Media Manager is an app that allows you to set up a profile for each kid, and assign a time limit...

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Budgeting iPad apps? Reader Q&A

Although I am enjoying my iPad I miss some of the things my laptop offered, like excel for budgeting.  Do you have any budgeting app suggestions? – Steff What? You mean iPads aren’t just for games? I seem to forget that since my kids can’t stop fighting over ours, but it’s such a great tool for keeping track of the family budget. Here are a few apps that look like they be just what you’re in search of, Steff. For a pretty low risk investment at just $1.99, you can try Checkbook HD (above), which does what it says–allows you...

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Chore charts 2.0

Adding a fourth kid into the mix has meant I’ve really needed to streamline as much as I can around my house. But fortunately, that hasn’t necessarily meant a bunch of new gadget purchases. Just my handy smart phone that I already own, and making use of some of the awesome apps out there–like this new kids chore chart that I discovered. The iRewardChart is a super smart kids chore chart app that allows you to customize everything from tasks to number of stars earned, to the actual rewards. You simply enter your kiddo’s name and picture, choose from...

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Never question a woman’s Intuition

Nary a day goes by when I don’t think about how great it would be to have a personal assistant. And personal chef, chauffeur, and trainer for that matter. The iPhone, as many of you may know, is my trusted sidekick, and although I can’t ask it to pick up my dry cleaning, the right app can remind me that I need to do so. And I’ve found that very thing. Intuition, a free (free!) iPhone app for busy parents, is a great organizational tool to keep all of life’s tasks in check. It has a simple and easy-to-use...

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Freeing up parental brain space

Not to toot my own horn, but honestly, sometimes I’m amazed at the wealth of information I’m able to contain in my head–and access at a moment’s notice. Kids’ birthdays, kids’ friends’ birthdays, my friends’ birthdays, my friends’ kids’ birthdays, anniversaries, doctor’s appointments, deadline dates for camp registration, payment dates for kindergarten…you get it. Moms are like walking Libraries of Congress. At some point, we need to start sorting, classifying and organizing all that information to prevent a server crash and burn. This is where technology comes into play. Hooray for iPhone apps! There’s one in particular called Moms...

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An app to help you remember whats-his-name

I know all the tricks that are supposed to help you remember people’s names: Say it within 10 seconds of meeting someone, come up with a mnemonic, or what I most often resort to, never, ever use their name in conversation. Well here’s one more trick: A new iPhone app made to help you do this very thing. And it’s a lifesaver for moms like me. I soooo needed the Namecatcher which is designed to store the names of all those folks in your life, where you just draw a big blank. I’m thinking: My son’s roller hockey coach,...

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Ultimate Birthday Party Gift Guide

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