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We’re celebrating the total solar eclipse with these fun gifts. Yay darkness!

We have to admit that we’re getting pretty excited about the total solar eclipse on August 21. Depending on where you live (or where you’re traveling to), you could experience up to 3 minutes of complete darkness during day. Along with making sure you’ve got safe solar eclipse glasses, we’re loving these fun solar eclipse gifts to commemorate an experience that has happened in a very long time. Related: 5 expert tips for watching the total solar eclipse with kids Snag this cool solar eclipse gym tank in everything from a t-shirt to a hoodie, even a baby onesie...

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Awesome, easy emoji activities and gear you need right now, because The Emoji Movie!

Are your kids as smiling-face-with-hands excited to see The Emoji Movie as ours are? We’ve already bought our tickets for opening day tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean we have to wait to start celebrating our love for everything emoji, right? While we’re baking up some poop-emoji cupcakes and heart-eyes emoji Oreos (to sneak into the theater, maybe, shh), we thought we’d share some of our favorite emoji activities and gear that will keep stoking that emoji-obsession long after the movie ends. CMT is an rstyle affiliate  Related: 5 emoji collections we’re dying to see If you’re all about emojis in a...

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The Star Wars ride-on that will blow up kids’ holiday wish lists. Parents…get ready.

If you…oh. I mean, if your kid (ahem) ever wished they could zip around on Luke Skywalker’s Star Wars X-34 Landspeeder, that wish is about to be granted. Thanks to the help of Radio Flyer, Lucasfilm, 12v rechargeable battery power — and of course, some incredibly generous parents or grandparents. Related: The coolest Star Wars gifts for kids, teens and fans of all ages The ultimate dream, Galactic Civil War-era ride-on in convenient toy form is available now for preorder, for a September 5 launch date (oh hai, early holiday shopping!). And I’d say do it. Because I think...

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A website that could put an end to I’m Bored Syndrome.

My kids love writing and they love doing art, but sometimes they don’t know what to do with that blank sheet of paper or the empty Procreate screen. (That’s my manga-obsessed daughter’s digital illustration iPad app of choice, by the way.) Since anything suggested by Mom automatically sucks, I found, a clever, very simple site that helps spark imagination. Click on categories like creature, (“warden of the wild”), character (“centaur picking flowers”), environment (“alchemist’s lab”), object (“a delicious looking bowl of steaming ramen”), then go to town on the results. My own favorite category is situation which yields imaginative,...

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11 awesome legal streaming services that you might not know about. But should.

You know the frustration of sitting down for family movie night, searching Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, but not finding the show you’ve been so excited to watch, right? Well, we thought we’d share some other sites that stream great movies and TV shows — from classics to current content, for kids and adults. And yes, they’re legal! So, before you pay to rent a movie, check out these alternate legal streaming services first. You may just find what you’re looking for. And in the meantime, can someone please invent a tool that searches all our streaming apps at one...

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Netflix brings choose-your-own-adventure TV to kids and it is awesome!

Remember those awesome choose-your-own-adventure books we all loved as kids? Well Netflix has just launched their first in a series of choose-your-own-adventure TV shows, and mama? It’s so much fun! The first episode, Puss in Book: Trapped in an Epic Tale stars my favorite movie spin-off character ever, and is full of his signature wit, sarcasm and delightfully awkward moments, with plenty of jokes for the adults too. But this is no ordinary animated series. Periodically throughout the episode — 13 times, to be exact — a narrator (who totally reminds me of John Cleese) will stop the story and ask...

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Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Now with AI. And a sense of humor.

We’re big fans of Sphero, as you might guess considering we’ve featured lots of their cool tech toys here on Cool Mom Tech (BB-8 anyone?), so it’s no surprise we’re intrigued by their newest launch, Spider-Man. But unlike their other toys that move around, Spider-Man keeps you company without having to lift a finger. Or web. Related: Sphero 2.0 brings a whole new meaning to playing ball. This WIFI-connected interactive toy does everything from tell jokes to guard your room, all at your request. That’s right, just ask (or tell) Spider-Man what you need and he’ll take care of...

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Instagram’s new Archive feature lets you hide photos, rather than delete them. Brilliant!

We’ve probably all had photos we’ve shared on social media that we would very happily forget, like say my lovely “before” shot I took when I was starting a workout regimen a few months after having a baby that now pops up every single time I Google my name. Well, Instagram has launched a new feature that can help those of us who’d love to hide photos we’ve posted that we don’t necessarily don’t want to delete. Related: Here’s what happened when this teen deleted all his social media accounts Their new Archive feature allows you to hide photos...

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A computer mouse that will make you smile, every time you use it.

Even though the second we saw the new Doodle Collection computer mouses from Logitech and instantly thought they’d be a fun graduation gift for a soon to be high-school or college freshman. I really want one for myself. Aren’t they fun? Related: Fun, manga laptop sleeves we want for ourselves It’s tough to choose a favorite one, but whichever design you pick, you’re getting a wireless mouse with a battery that will last you 18 months. Plus, you can use it up to 33 feet away from your computer. Granted, I’m not sure why you would need to do...

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