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Netflix brings choose-your-own-adventure TV to kids and it is awesome!

Remember those awesome choose-your-own-adventure books we all loved as kids? Well Netflix has just launched their first in a series of choose-your-own-adventure TV shows, and mama? It’s so much fun! The first episode, Puss in Book: Trapped in an Epic Tale stars my favorite movie spin-off character ever, and is full of his signature wit, sarcasm and delightfully awkward moments, with plenty of jokes for the adults too. But this is no ordinary animated series. Periodically throughout the episode — 13 times, to be exact — a narrator (who totally reminds me of John Cleese) will stop the story and ask...

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Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Now with AI. And a sense of humor.

We’re big fans of Sphero, as you might guess considering we’ve featured lots of their cool tech toys here on Cool Mom Tech (BB-8 anyone?), so it’s no surprise we’re intrigued by their newest launch, Spider-Man. But unlike their other toys that move around, Spider-Man keeps you company without having to lift a finger. Or web. Related: Sphero 2.0 brings a whole new meaning to playing ball. This WIFI-connected interactive toy does everything from tell jokes to guard your room, all at your request. That’s right, just ask (or tell) Spider-Man what you need and he’ll take care of...

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Instagram’s new Archive feature lets you hide photos, rather than delete them. Brilliant!

We’ve probably all had photos we’ve shared on social media that we would very happily forget, like say my lovely “before” shot I took when I was starting a workout regimen a few months after having a baby that now pops up every single time I Google my name. Well, Instagram has launched a new feature that can help those of us who’d love to hide photos we’ve posted that we don’t necessarily don’t want to delete. Related: Here’s what happened when this teen deleted all his social media accounts Their new Archive feature allows you to hide photos...

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A computer mouse that will make you smile, every time you use it.

Even though the second we saw the new Doodle Collection computer mouses from Logitech and instantly thought they’d be a fun graduation gift for a soon to be high-school or college freshman. I really want one for myself. Aren’t they fun? Related: Fun, manga laptop sleeves we want for ourselves It’s tough to choose a favorite one, but whichever design you pick, you’re getting a wireless mouse with a battery that will last you 18 months. Plus, you can use it up to 33 feet away from your computer. Granted, I’m not sure why you would need to do...

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Wear your Apple Watch on your sleeve.

So many people are using their Apple Watch as a fitness tracker (and music player), but not everyone wants to wear it on their wrist. If that sounds like you, or perhaps the dad in your life, the ActionSleeve from TwelveSouth is what you’ve been looking for. And right now, it’s 15% off. Related: 4 stylish fitness trackers that look great outside of they gym, too. For sports like CrossFit, kickboxing, weight lifting (you get the idea), wearing the Apple Watch on your wrist can be movement prohibitive, which is why the ActionSleeve is a smart alternative. Granted, I’m...

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Here’s what happened when this teen deleted all his social media accounts.

When it comes to smart phone addiction, we’ve done our own experiments with putting away our phones around our kids here at Cool Mom Tech. We’ve even used various techniques to manage screen time for our own kids and tweens. That’s why we were so fascinated by this piece on Medium by Corey Alexander where he shared what he discovered after he deleted all his social media accounts. Trust us, it’s totally worth the read. Related: Here’s what happened when I put away my smart phone around my kids What’s interesting is that I believe many of his revelations...

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Parents, your screen time could be affecting your kid’s behavior.

Just when you thought you needed to worry about your kid’s screen time, it turns out that the amount of time you spend on your phone could be affecting your child’s behavior. According to a new study conducted at the University of Michigan with 170 two-parent homes, about half of moms and dads (48%) admitted that tech interrupted their parenting time at least three times a day. Related: New study says your toddler’s screen time could be affecting their sleep Based on these findings, the study authors suggest that parents who spend excessive time on their own screens are more likely...

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Teach your girls (and boys) how to code with Wonder Woman.

If you’ve got budding coders and STEM lovers in your home, they can now practice their skills on a few scenes from Wonder Woman thanks to a new collaboration with DC Legends, Google Play, and Made With Code. Related: A cool STEM coding toy we had our kids put to the test Kids can head over to their website and check out this interactive coding project where they can code three scenes from the Wonder Woman movie. And, no high level skills needed; this is a great opp to encourage kids (especially girls) to give coding a try. With a...

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Facebook Fundraisers: Ask for donations to your cause, right in your News Feed

There’s a new option in the online fundraising world that’s going to make giving so convenient because it’s right in your Facebook feed. Yes, it’s true! Facebook has added the capability for any user to start a personal fundraiser on Facebook for themselves, a friend, or even an event or person who’s not on Facebook. To start your own fundraiser, go to the Facebook Fundraisers page, or tap the menu icon and select Fundraisers on the mobile app. (You don’t even need to update the app; it’s just magically there. Facebook, you get us.) Click or tap on the blue box that says Raise Money...

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