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Draw, baby, draw

I’ve always been envious of people who can draw, especially coming from someone whose go-to doodle is a 3D box (and not a very good one at that). Luckily, through the magic of technology, I can use software intervention to help make my drawings look more realistic–and I can even animate them. A new program just came out called Anime Studio Debut 8, which is an easy (somewhat) way to make your drawings virtual, add color, movement and bring them to life. When I say somewhat easy, it is a software program that involves a bit of a learning curve. There...

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Dads Dig This: The typewriter turned computer

Look at what Scott Adler aka “The Dadler” on Babycenter’s blog Momformation (where you can find us too!) thinks is cool. He’s our next guest dad blogger in our Dads Dig This series. As if I thought size equated with cool, I’ve populated my life with collections that compete with my children for space in our small house: record albums, books, and typewriters. And anything I can do to make these old things relevant to my modern life I’ll try; I’ve transferred records into MP3s and I read constantly to my kids. But finding a modern application for the...

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Martha Stewart printables make your table prettier, with a little help from Microsoft Office 10.

Tis the season for holiday entertaining, and our own plans run the gamut from a few loosely planned dinners with friends, to a pot luck with 25 families–eek! But for those of you planning more formal shindigs, I recently discovered that the great entertaining maven of our time has created a free place card template for download. It could be just the thing to keep the ex from sitting next to the other ex’s ex, or keeping your one letchy uncle on the other side of the table from your adorable single friend. Martha Stewart place cards are free...

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Ultimate Birthday Party Gift Guide

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