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5 ways to get fit in 2012 using tech

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that after a month full of sweets, I’ve got the perennial “Get in Shape” resolution at the top of my list. I’ve already stocked up on the coolest fitness gear, but now I’m looking to tech to give me a hand in dropping those 10 lbs before bathing suit season. While technology can’t actually do the exercise for me, these five handy apps and gadgets are a fantastic way to help keep me motivated, eating right, and working out. And maybe even making me feel bad for cheating. 1. My Fitness Pal These...

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Throw your hands up in the air for Just Dance 3

I’m hardly the video gaming type, but after I was introduced to Ubisoft’s Just Dance 2 last year, I’ve been known to pop it in and shake my butt to Ke$ha even when no one’s around. So when I heard that they launched Just Dance 3, well, you can bet I was anxious to check out what’s new. And from what I can see, it does not disappoint! If you’re not familiar with Just Dance (what?), it’s a ridiculously fun dance-off type game that has participants mirroring dance moves on a screen, with scoring based on how well you...

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The FitBit Ultra: Now with more fit. Or so we hope.

We raved about the FitBit last year as the perfect holiday tech gift for fitness-obsessed family members, so I was thrilled to learn that they just launched a new, juiced up version this week. Especially with the holiday or what I call “eating” season upon us. The new FitBit Ultra has all the fantastic features of the classic version, like wirelessly tracking your steps, distance, yes even your sleep (or if you’re like me, lack thereof) so you can take control of not only your fitness, but really, your overall health and well-being. Now with the cool Ultra upgrade...

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Striiv makes fitness more fun. No seriously. Stop laughing.

In a perfect world I would have time to go for a run everyday. But in the real world, as a busy mom, that’s not going to happen. So what if I could turn everyday routines into exercise? Now there’s a nifty little gadget that can help you do just that. A new startup called Striiv created a fitness device that’s like pedometer meets gaming, with a charity component to boot. It’s small enough to fit on your keychain, but powerful enough to measure every step taken throughout your day, and then it offers you rewards for various achievements...

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Piquing Our Geek: Jawbone UP

Every time I’ve tried to lose my postpartum baby weight (that’s uh, four times for those of you keeping count) I find I have the most success when I keep a journal of what I’m eating and how I’m working out. So as I try to lose those last pesky five pounds, you can bet I’ve got my eye on a soon-to-be released product from Jawbone that looks like it’ll be a cool health gadget for busy moms like me. The Jawbone Up is an electronic bracelet that tracks your movement and sleep activity and then relays them to an...

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3 gadgets for getting in shape

When I started running two years ago, it was to help me lose the last 10 pounds of my baby weight. But like many mother runners out there, I found myself actually enjoying it – finding solace, peace, and a smaller butt along the way. While all you really need are a pair of running shoes, comfy sport socks, and really good bra, you’ll also find no shortage of awesome running apps and gadgets to help you in your journey. So who better to ask for their favorite picks than two of my biggest inspirations: moms and runners extraordinaire,...

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5 ways tech can help you lose weight

About five months after having my third child, I had to wear a strapless bridesmaid’s dress to my sister-in-law’s wedding. With more than 40 pounds of my baby weight still to lose, I decided that was enough motivation to whip myself into shape. I lost it–and more–thanks in huge part to technology. If you’re still carrying around the extra baby pounds and would like to shave them off for summer time, here are the five ways that I used to tech to make it happen. 1. Exercise DVDs As a busy mom with a newborn and two older kids, I...

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3 fantastic apps for runners. (Just in time for short skirt season!)

I’ve got a confession to make: I hate running. Okay, “hate” is probably too severe considering that I just ran a 10K last Monday (go me!), but I don’t run for fun. That said, I’ve found a few awesome apps that have made running a lot more interesting, if not actually fun. Use them to liven up your own routine, whether you’ve got a race coming up or are just psyching yourself up for bathing suit shopping.   Nike+ GPS Count on one of the biggest names in athletics to come up with a smart running app. Nike+ GPS...

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Fitbit – The perfect combination of tech and fitness

Even though I enjoy working out and do so almost every day, I’d still raise an eyebrow if someone gave me a sports bra for Christmas. Let’s just say fitness gifts can be tricky. That wouldn’t be the case, however, if Santa happened to score me a Fitbit, a very cool sleep and fitness tracker featured in our Tech Gift Guide this year. Using motion technology similar to the Nintendo Wii, the Fitbit tracks everything from your calories burned and steps taken to distance traveled, and even your sleep quality. Somehow. Though as a mom of four with a...

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Ultimate Birthday Party Gift Guide

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