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How Our Readers Are Using It: Pinterest

If you follow us on Twitter, it’s pretty clear from our links that we’re completely addicted to Pinterest, a virtual cork board that allows you to “pin” online inspiration and share it with others. We’ve been using it both for Cool Mom Picks and now, slowly, for Cool Mom Tech, to share everything from cool stuff for photographers to tech that’s gorgeous. We especially love it for offering up gift or holiday ideas, and this month our Valentine’s Day board has been so much fun! Whether you’re new to the site or you’re a Pinterest pro, you might be...

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Twitter Stories – because sometimes 140 characters is all you need

You just got back from the drugstore? You’re feeling tired and need some coffee? You just ate a sandwich? These aren’t what I’d call value-added tweets.  If you’re on Twitter, you know what I’m talking about. If you’re looking for some amazing stories that have resulted from tweets, definitely check out Twitter Stories. This brand new, exquisitely designed site culls some of the best, funniest, most touching, most outrageous stories that started with a simple 140 characters. There’s the story about the guy in Portland, OR who saved his mom’s floundering bookstore with a tweet (and offer to buy...

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Understanding the new Facebook Digital Timeline

So, you may have gotten wind of a huge change to Facebook called a Digital Timeline this week. Let’s be honest — anyone who’s been on Facebook more than four seconds, has learned not to be surprised by changes to the social network, from privacy settings to design to updated friends lists. But this one change, announced at Facebook’s F8 Developers Conference this week, is so big that it’s almost like a whole new Facebook. Don’t worry! We’ve got the basics to help you sort it out. To sum it up, forget what you know about the look of...

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Ticketmaster gets social with Facebook, and the circus just got a lot more fun.

I’m embarrassed to admit that the last rock concert I went to was Coldplay at the Meadowlands Arena…in 2005. Clearly it’s time for me to get back into the live concert circuit. If it’s music you like, or theater or professional sports, or hey–even just the circus with the kids–with the new feature that Ticketmaster just announced integrating seating choices with Facebook, live shows are about to get a lot more social. With the new partnership between Ticketmaster and Facebook, you can purchase your tickets to that Yo Gabba Gabba! Live Show and then use the interactive seat maps...

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The best of the Steve Jobs tributes

With the not entirely shocking news that Steve Jobs is stepping down as the CEO Apple, we’ve been captivated by the number of thoughtful and often moving articles, blog posts, and opinion pieces about the legacy he has left. It’s clear that is a man who has not only changed technology, he’s touched lives. As for me, I’ve been an Apple evangelist since back before there was such a thing. I remember my mother bringing home a clunky old Apple IIc from her elementary school job over the summer break in the mid-80s, and my brother and I eagerly...

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5 reasons why we already like Google+

When the floodgates for invites to Google+, Google’s new social network, briefly opened up last week, I was fortunate enough to snag one from a friend. Since then, I’ve been playing around with what at first I was thinking was “yet another time suck.” But after a few days of exploring its features, I have to say I’m pretty pleased. And while I’m not sure if we’ll be seeing droves of people migrating from Facebook to Google+, I’ve got five good reasons you should keep your eyes peeled for an invitation. 1. Are you in my circle? Google+ allows...

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Zite – your own personalized zine

I recently read some astounding facts about the amount of content on the web. Each day, something like 60,000 new websites are created and 1.5 billion items are uploaded to Facebook alone. Yikes! How to sort through it all? Well for you iPad readers, there’s a really fantastic newsreader that does just that. is a fantastic iPad app, just launched this spring, that creates a custom magazine just for you based on your interests. Check off your favorite topics or customize¬†your own (I added parenting and Brooklyn), or it can pull favorite pubs from your Google reader, Facebook,...

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RSS5000 – The holy grail of feed readers

For the last few years, I’ve read my favorite blogs and websites on Bloglines, a free service that organizes all your feeds in one handy place. Since it was taken over and revamped by Merchant Circle, I just haven’t had the time or the energy to re-enter all my blogs. And while many folks love Google Reader, I admit that it completely overwhelms me. Well, I think I just discovered the holy grail of feed readers. (Seriously. After I started using it, I texted Liz twice to say you have to get this!) RSS5000 is a handy, smart iPad...

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Ultimate Birthday Party Gift Guide

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