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Wearing your social media on your sleeve. Or lapel.

By all accounts, geek is chic, and if there’s any doubt then just poke around Etsy these days and see how technology is inspiring design and fashion. Case in point: the handmade felt badges from Sunflower Express. These one-inch wide  handmade felt social media pins will make awesome stocking stuffers, or just a gift for yourself. For just $15, you’ll get to pledge allegiance to Twitter, Facebook, or if you’re old skool, RSS. And by old skool, I mean 2008. That’s how things roll these days. –Liz Find felt jewelry and accessories online at Etsy’s Sunflower...

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Epiphanie – A revelation in camera bags

Even though I own and love my Canon Rebel XLR, I tend to only rely on my iPhone and save the fancy camera for special occasions. It’s mostly because, well, I just don’t have the room in my bag. Besides, the last thing I need is for my precious to get covered in snack crumbs and juice. But all that has changed since discovering the first laptop/camera bag hybrid that’s as gorgeous as anything you’d wear without technology inside it. Seriously. Gorgeous.[don’t miss an amazing giveaway after the jump!] Created by photographer and mom of three Maile Wilson, the...

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Long live Alexander McQueen. As a laptop case.

As we’ve been noticing for some time now, designer fashion is expanding beyond clothes and into technology. If handbag designers can make accessories to hold your keys, then why not your laptop too, right? The latest entry is from no other than late fashion icon Alexander McQueen. Do you want to know the price? Not really. Okay fine. The Alexander McQueen laptop case, found only at online luxury boutique Net-A-Porter, will run you $395. It’s out of my price range (and probably yours), but the signature skull motif and leather trim are so cool, it deserves a place of...

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Angry Birds goes high fashion

This morning I saw a little girl in my building wearing an Angry Birds shirt, and had to laugh. How awesome that the hot iPhone game of 2010 (so hot that the New York Times Magazine did a story on it earlier this month) has infiltrated the minds–and chests–of Brooklyn’s preschool set. So I tracked it down. The Angry Birds t-shirt is available for kids or in adult sizes, and should you be an Angry Bird contrarian, you can get a pig shirt too. Go get ’em mamas. They’re gonna be huge. –Liz Find a whole selection of Angry...

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The geek’s guide to racy pick-up lines

I can’t code my way out of a paper bag, but I figure that’s why I have so many awesome friends who use their tech savvy to work amazing magic all over the internets. And I’ve got a pretty good hunch that they’d all appreciate this “You are the CSS to my HTML” shirt from Pop + Shorty. Printed on a soft cotton American Apparel tee, you can snag it for own geeky self or for your favorite friendly tech maven, along with some of the other awesome tees at the shop. In fact, you just might want to...

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Sumo means style. (Not big fat guy in diaper.)

Hey Apple Store, I’ve got a bone to pick with you. I was browsing through your laptop cases at your 14th Street store and let’s just say I, and the two other women staring blankly at the unimpressive display, left empty-handed. If you wouldn’t mind stocking a few that look like I’m not borrowing my husband’s case I’d be much obliged. Until then, I’ve got my eye firmly planted on this women’s laptop/netbook purse from Sumo. Yes, laptop purse. I love the curvy sillhouette–because who says laptop cases have to be rectangular, yo?–and the quilted faux leather at top...

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1s + 0s = Love

It doesn’t matter whether you can code a webpage in under six minutes flat (is that even possible?) or construct a motherboard with your eyes closed. Cool jewelry is cool jewelry – plain and simple. Or really, super and rad, which is how I might describe these binary code cuffs by artisan Karla Wheeler. Truth is, you don’t have to be a tech type to appreciate her handmade sterling silver cuffs, which feature various phrases translated into binary code. You can choose from a slew of sayings (I love this necklace that says “Life”) or even cooler, have Karla make you...

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The digital clutch is the new designer purse when it comes from Vivienne Tam

Previously published on Cool Mom Picks I am a pretty practical mom who would rather carry my stuff in a classic black handbag over my shoulder that I can use for years, but that doesn’t stop me from adoring the stylish digital clutch netbooks that are starting to crop up in the tech world. Designer Vivienne Tam partnered with HP to bring a little high fashion to high tech with a limited edition notebook that is so gorgeous, it was literally introduced on the runways.  The HP Mini Vivenne Tam edition Notebook enables me to stay connected on the...

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Twitter handle necklaces = Status symbols for the uber geek. Oh yeah.

Previously posted at Cool Mom Picks I shrieked with joy when friend of Cool Mom Picks and kids band The Jimmies lead singer Ashley Albert turned us onto her new collaborative project with Phoebe Jonas, Survival of the Hippest. And by hippest we mean techiest, geekiest, and 2.0-iest, of course. The shop launched these personalized nameplate ID necklaces, keychains, bracelets and pins in the Social St@tus collection – the first of anyone to come out with such a thing. Since then there have been copycats, but sign me up for the original. They’re made from your choice of sterling...

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