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For the most part, marketers of kids’ products have yet to discover smart ways to get folks to their site for any reason besides product info. (Seriously, when was the last time you logged onto your kid’s favorite breakfast cereal URL, despite the back panels’ hollow promises of “lots o’ fun for kids!”), however, totally gets it right, with a ton of great activities for kids including the very engaging StoryStudio. Essentially any box of 64 or more crayons comes with a code inside the box, which allows you full access to the Crayola StoryStudio. Once there, upload...

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Have a cool flash drive you do?

I admit that I’m not a hard core fan of much by way of pop culture–except Ryan Reynolds that is–but I have heard that there are miiiight be a few major Star Wars fans out there. Some of them are moms. Some of them are kids. Some of them right here on our very staff. So how can I not point them towards this awesome ode to Grandmaster Jedi, Yoda, in the form of a handmade felted flash drive. Whether you happen to be the Leia to someone’s Han Solo, or you just dig a little Jedi goodness yourself,...

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The Echo Smartpen: smarter than your av-er-age pen

No matter how many gadgets with keyboards are available, we kind of hope that actual writing never goes away. Kids still take notes at school and parents write notes at home or work. However if you don’t transcribe your notes to a computer, or organize them all in a place where they can be easily retrieved, the notes sometimes fall into the black hole of “where did I put that?” I know you know what I’m talking about. My house is no exception. Ahem. So I started looking at gadgets which can take note taking and basically automate it....

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Ultimate Birthday Party Gift Guide

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